Digital Marketing Strategy For Restaurants/Cafe: 7 Efficient Ways to Scale your Restaurant’s Revenue


Why does your restaurant or cafe need digital marketing?

Every restaurant owner aspires to increase their sales by creatively branding their restaurants!

Marketing is an inevitable component of branding your restaurant!

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing effectively laser targets your set of targeted audiences at an optimal cost.

We at Intent Cliq help you dominate your brand digitally and aid you in stretching your customer base. We will walk you through how we use effective digital marketing strategies for your restaurants to scale and maximize your brand reach.

Table of contents:

  1. Target Audience: Who are your customers?
  2. Power of Website: Though you are getting orders from Swiggy and Zomato, realize the importance of having your website.
  3. Content Creation: Create content and drive more customers to your site.
  4. Social Media: How can you digitally dominate your brand through social media and stand out from your competitors?
  5. Paid Ads: The magic of paid ads for your Restaurant.
  6. E-mail Marketing and its benefits for your Restaurant.
  7. Influencer Marketing: The power of Influencers for your Restaurant.

  1. Who are your customers or targeted audience?

The nuances of picking your target audience help you find their interest and hobbies so that you can make content (text, photo, video) that engages and helps them to connect with your brand.The target audience of your restaurants is determined by a few factors.

■The foremost factor which will determine your target audience is the cost of your food or beverage

■ Depending on the food you’re offering to your customers;

Your customers drastically differ from the food which you are offering

For Example,

If you’re offering classical South Indian food, you will attract a unique set of audience compared to restaurants which offer Italian cuisine.

■ Depending on the location in which you offer your service

Location is super important for restaurants

Based on the location, your customers will drastically vary.

For example,

If your restaurant is in a hot city, you will attract people who live there.

■ Ambience or Theme

You will attract a distinct set of audiences based on the Ambience and theme!

2. Power of Website

you might get orders from swiggy and Zomato, but you should realize the importance of having your own website.

People are habituated to searching about stuff before they buy. In India, on average, we have 1 million to 10 million monthly searches for the keywords like restaurants near me, food near me …

You can't reach these people without a website.

With this amount of traffic, you can do wonders with Google ads and we will cover this segment in the later part of this article.

Website is your asset, which can give you many benefits, such as perceived values, authority, and so on.

■ Your website helps you to build a strong digital presence and helps you to build trust with your targeted audience

■ Website helps you to collect reviews and monitor your food ratings since you are operating in a highly competitive industry and people have a ton of choices to try new players out there.

■ Review and ratings help you stand out from the competition.

■ Once you collect and display a group of positive reviews, people trust other people’s reviews, so it’s the way to differentiate yourself from your competitors!

■ Your website helps you to distribute coupons and promotional posters based on occasions or events to your targeted audience

■ Having a website will ultimately enhance the user experience so that a customer can book their seat in advance without even moving a muscle.

3. Content Creation

Once you buy a new car, what will you do next?

You’ll add fuel and take a ride, right?

Likewise, once you build a simple and solid website, it’s time to add up some content and drive your target audience to your site.

Some ideas to create content on your site;

● While you go fishing, you will take worms with you rather than insects or biscuits

● You can just visit platforms like Quora and medium and have a look at what people are talking about your industry,


From there, you can generate ideas to build solid content for your site.

Here are a few inputs to create content:

You can create videos or blogs about food preparation or food recipes.

Once you create content and publish it on your website, now it’s time to do SEO~ Search Engine Optimization

Restaurant SEO:

Search engine optimization is the art of improving a website to increase its view when people search for products or services. The more visibility a restaurant's website has on search engines, the more likely it is that a brand captures it's customers.

Restaurant Drizzle gets ranked for this particular keyword “Rooftop Seaview Restaurant in Chennai”



4. Social Media Strategy for Restaurants:

How can you digitally dominate your brand through social media and stand out from your competitors?

Social media is the most powerful and influential platform in this era.

Instagram has a billion plus active users every month, so as a restaurant owner, think of your growth potential.

You can attract customers all over the globe and constantly communicate and engage with them with the help of engaging content.

Community ~ Almost all the global and national brands build their community to enhance their brand reach and attract new customers to their brands.


What’s community?

A community is a group of people who shares a common interest or goals or attitudes.

Community boosts your brand by reaching your profile to a more look-like audience.

Building up your community helps you to share your menu updates, offers or promotions, or any kind of information which needs to be addressed with your target audience or customers.

Finally, building your brand on social media gives you countless benefits and a hedge over your competitors.

5. Paid Ads

Search Engine Ads

Social Media Ads

Google dominates search engines by capturing a significant percentage of market share.

Google has almost a billion searches per month and most probably the first three results will be ads.

One of the trickiest challenges for any restaurant owner is to maximize their profits, so google ads help you attract more customers and may land you with many party orders.

So let’s dive deeper and analyze why it’s powerful to run Google ads.

Almost we have a lakh + monthly searches for the keywords like restaurants near me, Best food near me, and so on.

So when you showcase your restaurant on a google search while people search for “restaurants near me”. You have got a significant chance to attract them to your restaurants.

Take a look at this Screenshot

Google Ads

How to showcase your restaurant in search of ads is a task we mastered.

Hope we’ll have a cup of coffee and discuss Google ads all day long.

Social media ads:

Social media ads are one of the best ways to promote your restaurant business. When you use social media ads for your restaurant, you can easily target the people that are most likely to become your diners.

Why do you need to run Social media ads for your restaurants?

The social media platform provides you with two options. You can either target by a certain radius or an area you specifically want to advertise.

Location targeting: social media allows you to target people within a location.

Age targeting: You define the age ranges for the people that your restaurant ad gets, such as 18-25 or 25-54.

Gender targeting: Facebook gives you 3 options: male, female, and all.

Detailed targeting: Users on social media can help improve your targeting based on their demographics, behaviors, or interests. For eg you can show your restaurant ads to people based on criteria like the ads they have previously clicked on, pages they’ve engaged with, things they’re interested in, mobile devices they use everyday, and more.

Facebook ads

6. Email Marketing: The use of email within your marketing efforts to promote your restaurants will incentivize customer loyalty and trust

Email marketing is all about collecting your customers’ email lists and sending emails to give them information about new dishes or menu updates, discounts, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged to build solid relationships with them.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels to engage and educate your customers through your welcome emails, newsletter, promotional emails, and so on …

7. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing

One of the great ways to reach out to hundreds and thousands of people is to invite influencers to promote your restaurants.

Influencer marketing builds trust with your customers and, hence, increases your customer base.

Your budget size determines the size of the Influencer. Youtubers and actors act as one of the primary sources to promote and expand your restaurant’s reach.

Final thoughts:

We started with identifying your target audiences based on various factors, then we saw the importance of website building, and we went through content creation and distribution and paid ads.

Finally, we explored e-mail marketing and influencer marketing.

If you want to scale your restaurant's revenue,

feel free to reach out to us!