Scale Up Your Revenue by Acquiring New Customers using Digital Marketing in Interior Designing

  • Gone are the days when people used to look magazines and papers for interior designing and home remodeling. Nowadays people get hundreds of ideas online, this new digital era have simplified the decision-making process with internet. If you don’t have any online presence, then consider yourself as non-existence. The world market is palm sized now, customers rely on social media and posts for everything they want to buy. Customers spend 30% more on products and service when they engage themselves with customers in social media.
  • Digital marketing is not a new term for today’s audience. There are many famous interior designing companies, but digital marketing levels the playing field for everyone. Some small yet talented and skilled companies outperform the big ones. Do you think it is possible without digital marketing? Think over it. Reaching your audience is important but letting them discover you is much more important today.
  • 97% of the customer population search and extract information about any business through internet, Digital marketing strategies lifts you up by establishing strong online presence. Boost your ROI with effective way of handling the mighty weapon - Digital Marketing, that makes you unique and shine in cut-throat competition. It not only helps to find the potential customers, but also convert the leads into your clients. 
  • With digital marketing, make your leads realize that their home needs some redesigning when they come across your design creatives. Let’s now see some of the effective digital marketing strategies that helps you to showcase your skills and talent in interior designing. 
  1. Build a website for Interior designers:
  • Internet is the primary source of information in today’s tech world, it maybe any product customers find plenty of information through internet. Website is the first source that any potential customer comes to contact, it builds the first impression among customers. The website must be attractive that too an interior designing website must be convincing for the customers as it replicates your designing skills and aesthetic sense. 
  • The website must be user friendly and mobile responsive; it must be fully functional and find easy to navigate throughout the website.
  • It must showcase your works and it should have sufficient amount of information that should answer all the customer queries. 
  • Upload your testimonials on your website which creates interest among visitors and have high potential to convert leads.
Peril interiors

Benefits of website:

  • Increased Reputation of company 
  • Promoting services effectively
  • Generating online leads
  • Accessible from anywhere at anytime
  • No geographical barriers
  • Two-way communication via website
  • CRM is effective
  • First source of information
  • Builds credibility 
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2. Blogging related to interior designing:

  • It is the new of marketing technique, which helps you to keep your customer engaged about new trends in interior designing, updates, and past stories with your clients. The experience provides a connect with your customers and it keeps them updated about your work. You can also post some interesting ideas of designing that you admire. The blogs must be equally creative as your work, it must be unique and engaging.
  • The blogs can be informative, experience, knowledge about designing, case studies, etc., anything you post must pull customers towards you. The blogs can speak about emerging trends in remodeling, home décor, etc., the important aspect you must focus on is the words that you use in the blogs which boosts your company’s website and increases the traffic. The words must be catchy, and the content should be crisp and clear. Ensure usage of SEO keywords and attractive phrases in the content.
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Blogs of Zenith Interiors

Blogs of Bizzoppo Interiors

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

  • Any business which has online presence must be aware of SEO, make sure you optimize the contents of your website and post such that when a customer search for home décor or interior designing your website must list over the others in Search Engines.
  • Keywords is the key to SEO strategy, using suitable keywords which has high search volumes will ensure you rank is higher. Most essential requirement any online business is optimizing their website and its content. The traffic and leads depend on your ranking in the Search engines.
  • Make use of the effective interior designing keywords which organically increase your ranking and make it easier for you customers to reach you through SEO.

Some benefits of SEO:

  • Organic way of marketing
  • Increases brand credibility and trust
  • Increases visibility
  • Penetrate into the market
  • Shine over competition
  • Cost efficient way of marketing.

4. Paid ads:

  • According to google, 59% of consumers use google to search about the products they plan to purchase. Paid ads is an important digital marketing strategy, interior designers can reach customers at faster rate.
  • When a customer search using a keyword related to interior design, the paid ads will appear at top of the search.

Benefits of Paid ads:

  • Acquire leading Position on Google
  • Boosts customer Traffic to your Website
  • Increases ROI
  • Conversion rate is high
  • Maximum lead generation
  • Precise targeting
  • Perform better than competitors.

5. Social media marketing:

  • One of the most effective ways of digital marketing where you can easily segment and target your audience, using social media you can reach your targeted audience quickly. An interior designing company having various social media channels such as:
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • twitter,
  • LinkedIn, etc.,
  • Increases their visibility among the competitors. It helps the company to interact with customers directly.
  • This interactive marketing provides unique customer experience. The level of personalization is higher in social media which adds strength to interior designing where the designs have to be more customized and fulfill client’s requirement individually.
  • Positing latest design ideas, home décor photos and regular updates about new projects will increase the traffic of your social media page. Make sure that you keep your audience updated.
  • Customized design ideas and posts will increase the customer visits to your account, which leads to higher probability of lead generation. Personal interaction is higher in social media platforms, where customers can clear their queries directly about the interior design ideas through comments, messages.

  • Instagram is the best social media an interior designer can make use of. Because Instagram is a visual media, positing mesmerizing design works will definitely boost your page. Showcasing your designing knowledge and skills to your customer is much easier in Instagram. Attractive posts will encourage interaction which in turn increases the sales and revenue.
  • LinkedIn plays a vital role in connecting business leads especially for small businesses. Interior designing company can generate business clients via LinkedIn. When you share your designing work in LinkedIn network you can access your target audience who are in the following list of the business profiles you connected with.

Benefits of Social media marketing:

  • Brand awareness and recognition is higher
  • Targeting potential customers (looking for interiror designing)
  • Understanding customer interests
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Audience data is easily available for research
  • Effective Remarketing and upselling  

Social media ads: 

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Using Digital marketing, even small and medium sized interior design business can shine among large competitors. Stop relying on traditional marketing and start focusing on digital strategy which make customers to search for you. Never miss the golden opportunity of generating new leads that boost your revenue and growth, this effective tool will make your business stand out from the crowd of competitors.