Rise And Shine In Flooring Industry – With Digital Marketing Maximise Leads And Profits

The flooring industry is a niche market, where there is less number of companies but has few hard hitters who nearly enjoy the monopoly in the market. The niche market for the flooring industry acts both positively and negatively for the companies. The competition crowd is less but the intensity of those two or three key players in the market will suppress other small and medium-sized flooring companies. 

If a customer does not find any references or flyers, or pamphlets of any flooring company then it is the job of digital marketing to make the customer search for you and drag them to your company. The most used word yet the ultimate truth – The digital era, will pave a way for customers to reach you with the help of digital marketing via mobile phones and computers. Internet has changed many concepts, one among them is Marketing.

Gone are the days when companies search and approach customers, now the customers are just exposed to various digital marketing tactics and they are converted into leads. It’s like catching the fish using suitable bait. 

You can shine over the sharks in the market using digital marketing. It allows everyone to access the platform that is used by various flooring companies all over the world, let us have a look at some of the effective digital marketing strategies for the flooring industry through which any small and medium-sized companies can boost their leads and revenue in the presence of so-called top companies of the flooring industry.

  1. Digital Competitive analysis:

To perform better than other companies, first, you must have an idea of what they are doing and what they are capable of, to defeat the competitor you should know their next move. So that you can think ahead of them and plan accordingly.

Performing market analysis and deriving insights can help us know about their future actions, their strength, and weakness. Knowing your competitor in and out will help you to design a suitable digital strategy to outperform them and reach customers faster. 

2. Website design and development: 

The first thing you must do is design and develop a website that will ensure your digital presence on the internet. Without a website you cannot display or convey your work skills or generate leads, the website must have a particular theme that should indirectly convey your vision in flooring industry. Websites will attract customers to a larger extent, and they must have the capability to hold the customers on your website that reduces bounce back rate.

Especially in flooring industry which is completely vision based, you must convince your customers visually by displaying high-quality images and innovative work of your companies, past works and even testimonials and reviews will increase the reliability of your company. Aesthetic design and user-friendly websites, and powerful  CTA are more important that help perform a website effectively. 


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Orientbell tiles

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on Google result page to increase website visits. According to Statistics, there are 40,000 Google searches per second, which equals  3.5 billion a day and 1.2 trillion in a year. The reality is customers start with a search query, and you must be one among the top on the result page. 

Keywords are key to increase our ranking, proper use of keywords having high search volumes will increase the ranking and the company will move up in search result page. For example keywords like “hardwood floor installation” or “flooring contractors near me”? will have higher search volumes using this we can optimize our webpage content which boosts our ranking. When a customer search for a flooring company our optimized webpage will be displayed over other results in google. Being first here will yield higher leads and sales. 

4. Social media Marketing:

Customers more often spend their time on social media, so penetrating those platforms will have a much higher probability of being noticed by the customers and the chance of generating leads and traffic will be higher. It is the most effective digital strategy.

Flooring industry, being a niche market - customers may search them and leave them for quite a long time which is a major disadvantage for us. They can’t find the ads for flooring industries often compared to other industries. So the probability of getting lost is higher. If we appear more often via social media we have a chance of converting them into leads as they spend more time on social media.

Photos, videos, and more can take your customer engagement to a deeper level. Let your loyal followers know about new product launches or offer them flooring tips to enhance the look of their homes. You can even promote product reviews on your social media accounts to increase your connections. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to YouTube, there are different expectations, audiences, and rules of engagement. So one must clearly understand and differentiate the customer expectations to maximize the leads.

5. Content marketing:

Creating and sharing stories, images, and more is one of the best digital marketing tactics for flooring companies. There are so many opportunities for you to connect with your audience and showcase what you can offer, such as

  • Blogs
  • Newsletter
  • Podcasts
  • Customer guides
  • FAQs

Each type of content is valuable and can help you market your flooring company. You could write a blog about the best flooring care techniques or create a video comparing flooring types. Some flooring companies may opt to start podcasts that go deeper into topics or publish long-form content like customer guides or FAQs.

6. PPC Advertising:

An effective marketing tool for any flooring company is Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Google ads, Meta ads, etc., are used to boost your company above other organic search results capturing the attention of users looking for new flooring solutions. The lead generation and conversion rates are higher compared to other organic methods of marketing.

It’s just one step ahead of other advertising methods but makes a big difference in the results by allocating some budget to google ad words that are frequently used by customers in flooring industry you can list above the organic results on the search engine result page. PPC will have a positive impact on your website traffic. 


When you seek out flooring marketing services, then you need to be different to stand out from your competition. With proper digital marketing, you will become much more effective at generating new leads than traditional marketing methods.

With a successful digital campaign, you can become a leader in your flooring field with an exceptional online presence and impressive credibility and creativity.