Top 25 Facebook Ads Agencies Australia 2024

Are you looking for the best Facebook Ads Agencies in Australia?

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Hiring the right Facebook ads agency might be a challenge for you in this highly competitive industry.

We sorted out that problem for you by selecting the best Facebook ads agency which gives great ROI to you.

Note: The following lists of facebook ads agencies are in no particular order.

Intent Cliq - #1 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Intent Cliq team can help you turn Facebook, Instagram into powerful revenue generators.

Targeting Audience

Extensive research on your target audience to understand individual segments and how they align with your campaigns, marketing goals and business objectives.

Ad Creative

Our team creates compelling high-quality ad copies, eye-catching headlines and visuals that grab the attention of your target audience to convert.

Campaign Management

Once your campaigns are running, we frequently monitor and improve performance. We focus the ad spend on the most effective ads and drop the rest. This will lower your CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) and make you more money!

A/B Testing

Our team test your ads against a variety of factors. eliminating underperforming ads until we lock onto the combination of audience segment, messaging, creative, timing, CTA, and relevance. This will increase your conversions and save you money.

Intent Cliq is a strategic Facebook Ads & PPC Agency offering a full suite of PPC services tailored to your business needs.

Our passionate professionals simplify complex PPC marketing challenges using their diverse expertise in PPC.

The experienced PPC experts at Intent Cliq run strategic Facebook Ads campaigns that promise to make your business profitable.

Our focus is on conversions, prioritizing leads and ROI over impressions and clicks, just like your success matters the most to us.

Services - Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Landing Page Design, Ad Creative

Specialties - Paid Advertising, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads , PPC, Ad Copy, Copywriting,

Website -

First page - #2 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Generate more leads with your Facebook campaigns.

Lead ads on Facebook are designed to help your business find more prospects. Supported by a leading Facebook advertising agency like First Page, we can create a campaign that resonates with your specific target market.

How do we make this happen for our clients? Our superior team has an unmatched understanding of carefully crafted copy. By stepping into the shoes of your target market and getting to know their pain points, we can produce a message that gets them to take action.

However, effective lead generation requires digital marketers to create an irresistible offer that ensures your prospects are more than happy to hand over their contact information.

While the nature of this offer will depend on your business and its target audience, you can achieve wonderful success by offering a discount, a free sample or an industry-specific eBook.

Our highly experienced team will deliver cohesive Facebook ads that convince users to click through to your website. Then, our research-driven landing page design ensures they have the highest chance of checking out.

Ready to get started on your campaign? Chat to the experts at First Page about how we’ll achieve your objectives for an unbeatable ROI.

Top Clients - ARTPark, Calf & Crew, Cosyfeet, Dylan’s Mowing, Fireworks Australia, Green Homes, Holme Beauty, Homesta, Innovative Polished Concrete, Invidious Lashes, Mazzucchelli’s, Pokebox, The Continental Sorrento, The Fruit Box Group, Valore Cellars

Services - Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Landing Page Design , G4 Migration, Content Marketing

Company size - 201-500

Location - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Founded - 2011

Specialties - Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, AdWords, PPC, Google Analytics, Ad Copy, Copywriting, Blogging, WeChat Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Baidu, Social Media Paid Advertising, Digital Marketing.

Website -

KINGKONG #3 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

We’re a growth-focused and ROI-driven digital agency. We know how to drive traffic, convert sales and do it at scale profitably.

We're not developers, we're not designers. We specialize in one thing, growing businesses.

Top Clients - Forbes, Daily mail, MSNBC, HUFFPOST,Inc., The Australian, Fairfax Media, TNW, ELITEDAILY, FOX NEWS Channel.

Services - SEO,Conversion Rate Optimization,Google Ads,Facebook Ads,Landing Pages,Web Design.

Company Size - 51-200 employees

Location - South Yarra, Victoria ,Australia

Founded - 2014

Specialities - SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Growth Hacking, Ecommerce, Facebook ads, youtube ads, sales funnels, CRO, Google Ads, and Customer acquisition

Website -

DILATE #4  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Dilate Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. We’re a team of passionate innovators, change-makers and creatives committed to your business growth and success. In today’s fast-moving and dynamic world, performance tracking, measurable results and a focus on your brand image are more important than ever. As a business, you deserve accountable, innovative and results-driven marketing with an educational approach. We build digital campaigns aligned with your business goals and track performance from end to end. We report to you without the fluff, focusing on the things that matter to you. What you’re spending, what you’re making and where your brand is going. Create Business. Better Everyday. You’ve arrived, welcome to Dilate.

Top Clients - Western Australian Museum, Benefit San Francisco, ENJO, SKODA, HHG Legal Group, SUBARU, TBAWA.  

Services - SEO, Google Ads, Social Ads, Facebook Ads, Website Design, Content, 

Company Size - 51-200 employees

Location - Perth, WA

Founded - 2009

Specialities - SEO, search engine optimisation, Google ads, Google Shopping, Digital Advertising, Web design , Web development, Facebook Advertising, and Instagram Advertising.

Website -

CLEARWATER AGENCY #5  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Clearwater partner with globally ambitious clients in need of greater certainty in a rapidly changing digital landscape. We drive sustained, measured growth through multi-channel digital marketing campaigns across your owned, paid and earned media.

We consistently outperform the market and our unbroken year-on-year award winning streak demonstrates this. Our clients benefit from this unrivaled competitive advantage in their organic and paid search, paid social and content production.

Our strategy is led by data but we are not slaves to it – key decisions are human-powered.

Top Clients - FightMND, Wilson Parking, Lorraine Lea.

Services - Strategy, SEO, SEM, Paid Media, Social Media, e COMMERCE, Creative, Websites,  

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Cremorne , VIC,Australia

Founded - 2012

Specialities - Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Management, Search & Display Advertising, and digital marketing

Website -

AIAD #6 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

AIA builds professional, cost-effective websites for small to medium-sized businesses and corporations.  When engaging with AIA you can be assured of a personalised service and a web solution that works for your business.

Our founders and staff have years of online marketing experience and AIA was created specifically with the goal of taking what has previously been a complicated and expensive experience and turning it into an affordable and simple process. AIA offers affordable Growth-Focussed and ROI driven online marketing solutions that no longer means you have to put up with average results.

Deciding exactly what type of campaign you need for your business can be a daunting task and requires careful consideration.  When choosing a platform, be it: Google ads, SEO or Social Media Marketing, nothing can speak more clearly than existing happy customers that have turned into raving fans.

AIA is able to assist you each step of the way – from entry level “brochure sites”, or sophisticated e-commerce websites driven by a content management system (CMS) that enable ready content updates, to Driving relevant traffic, leads and sales through the front door of your business.

Our web development specialists and web designers can assist you with all your web development needs including Website Development and Design, Site Maintenance and Web Hosting. We have web applications for any size site. We customise all our web development applications to suit your needs and to give you control of your site.

At AIA we consult with you to identify your requirements and to create a customised and innovative holistic online marketing formula tailored and customised to your businesses specific requirements. We then match the right web development solution to your needs to allow you to enhance your image and increase your overall sales.

Every AIA marketer is a highly skilled professional and specializes in the latest online development technologies. You can rest assured that all your online marketing needs will be met on time and in an affordable manner because our entire team are experts in applying Best Practice online marketing methods. 

Services - Google Ads Management, Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Shopify Websites, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Video Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Website Design & Development, Pinterest Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Website & Email Hosting.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - St. Leonards, NSW

Founded - 2013

Specialities - Website Development, Ecommerce, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, PPC Conversion Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PageSpeed Optimisation, Local SEO, and Mobile & Responsive Website Optimisation

Website -

IMPRESSIVE  #7 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Since 2016, we’ve been accelerating growth for businesses with first-class digital strategies, powered by Impressive minds.

Impressive was founded with a single goal: to cut through the BS and create campaigns that drive tangible performance for businesses. We wanted to be an ethical, results-driven business in a sea of cowboys, and offer brands a new way forward. A way to help retailers stay agile and keep up with the fast-paced world of digital.

We exist for every company that believes there's more to digital than CPCs. Turns out, there are a lot. From the humblest of beginnings (think: one client and one employee), we’ve built a team of 74+ A-players that are growing brands in Australia and beyond.

We unite bold thinkers and smart marketers who work hard, learn fast, and have a drive to move forward. It’s this drive for performance and transparency that helped us to achieve international success for our first eCommerce client back in the day — and that has continued to lead forward-thinking businesses like Kogan, iSelect, Acer, Bioderma and Kookai to trust us with their growth.

With our relentless commitment to our clients, we’ve gone from strength to strength, from winning back-to-back SEMRush Awards to being crowned the fastest growing digital agency Down Under. Other agencies have even gone so far as to follow in our footsteps — a move that we take as the highest compliment.

But what truly matters to us? Working with our clients and our people define the future of digital. That’s why we’re continually pushing the boundaries to deliver long-term growth for more businesses around the world. Whether it’s through bringing in Performance Directors, partnering with industry associations like NORA and the IMAA, or expanding our presence to the US, we’re always a move ahead and a cut above.

Question the status quo. Grow faster and go further. 

Services - SEO, Google Ads(PPC), Social Media, Content Writing, ECOMMERCE.

Company Size - 51-200 employees

Location - South Yarra, Victoria

Founded - 2016

Specialities - Digital Strategy, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Design & UX, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Website -

SOUP AGENCY  #8 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Sydney’s leading independent digital marketing agency – trusted for innovative, data-driven campaigns that deliver exceptional results. You’re in good hands with our full-service digital marketing support spanning: SEO, Social, Paid, Email and Affiliates. 

Your campaigns will be strategised, managed and optimised by our highly experienced team. We won’t lock you into contracts because our work speaks for itself. That means you get access to our Tier 1 agency talent but without that Tier 1 price tag. We’re proud of our tight knit team of sought-after specialists who are dedicated to growing your business with real results. 

With experience across every vertical, we partner with you to develop a personalised and targeted solution for maximum impact. 

In short, we’re your trusted independent partner that will deliver exceptional results through a blend of: high-calibre talent, irresistible campaigns and an honest and transparent partnership with you.

Don’t just take our word for it though, we’re certified partners of Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Amazon and Facebook – no mean feat.

Ready to partner with someone you can trust and watch your business grow? Let’s get started. 

Top Clients - Car Next Door, BEELINE, SOMERZBY, Northcott, Hantec Markets, Two Giraffes, ALLshelter, Komerco, Brooklyn Haberdashery

Services - Digital Strategy, SEO Management, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Social Media Marketing, EMAIL Marketing, Content Writing, Hubspot Partner, Linkedin Ads, META Ads, 

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Australia, Sydney

Website -

CONTEVO - #9 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia


Social Media Marketing

We launch fully managed social media strategies for some of Australia’s largest brands. Our

suite of social offerings has captured thousands of leads and created millions of consumer

interactions. We focus on measurable objectives to ensure you achieve ROI.

Content Marketing

We help businesses build relationships with their existing and prospective customers via

intelligent results driven campaigns. Our strategies help businesses educate and engage

their audience at mass using written and visual media.

Lead & Traffic Generation

Using the latest technology and methodologies, we build highly targeted campaigns that get

you in front of your ideal customer. We then use the latest conversion optimisation insights

to maximise campaign efficiency across all touch points.

Email & Personalised Marketing

We use consumer psychology, analytics and segmentation to boost your sales and the

relevancy of your communications. By creating unique messages that speak to specific

customer segments, we dramatically improve your database’s ROI.

Top Clients - Zohi Interiors, REIV, Spectur Ltd, Integrity Franchising, Botanica Weddings, Homemakers Furniture, Get WorkWear Direct, Youi Insurance, Santa Fe Wridways.

Services - SEO Services, PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Media Buying & Planning, Data & Analytics.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Southbank, Victoria

Specialities - Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

Website -

ONECLICK MEDIA - #10 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

One Click Media is one of Australia’s leading web development and digital marketing agencies. Based in Brisbane, our team of experts offer a full range of digital development, hosting, and marketing services designed to help e-commerce businesses grow their online presence.

Our company is led by CEO and founder Damien Mcphee, who saw an opportunity to marry together his technical expertise and creative thinking to help online businesses get the boost they need. Damien started One Click Media out of a desire to provide quality digital services to businesses at an affordable rate. 

Everything we do at One Click Media, we do for our clients. Our web development services provide e-commerce businesses with a site that reflects their brand, engages with their audience, and drives sales. We are qualified to develop for a range of popular website platforms – from Magento to Shopify to WordPress. Best of all, our websites are exceptionally fast, reliable, and secure at all times.

One Click Media’s digital marketing services are designed to give your business the online visibility it deserves. Whether that’s through SEO, paid advertising, or content marketing, our work will guarantee that your business gets more traffic, more clicks, and more sales.


Services - Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Solutions, Platform Hosting,SEO, Paid Advertising.

Company Size - 2-10 employees

Location - Brisbane, QLD

Founded - 2002


GORILLA360  #11 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Digital marketing is notorious for being full of confusing jargon and fluffy promises. Not on our watch. We’re here to guide you through the murky jungle of digital marketing with 100% clarity. 

Less confusion, more results.

We help our clients engage with more of their ideal clients for less money, squeezing every drop of marketing juice out of their advertising budgets. Through industry-leading SEO and the latest online marketing techniques, we help our clients build an impactful presence online that drives real results.

With over a decade of experience and an ever-expanding team of industry experts in our arsenal, we help take our clients from online amateurs to major digital players. 

Learn more from our digital marketing experts on our blog or get in touch with us today. 

Top Clients - Montgomery Homes, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, UGG Express, The Barrel & Bar Gift Factory, Glendale Warehouse, Frontline Hobbies, Golf World, Mega Medical, Portt, Maxine’s Burn, Simone Pereele, Mater Baby Products, Musos Corner, NHS,Kelso Lawyers.

Services - Online Advertising, SEO, Content, Strategy and Optimisation.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Newcastle West, New South Wales

Founded - 2011

Specialities - Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Online Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Analytics, Email Marketing, and Integrated Digital Strategy

Website -

SHARP INSTINCTS #12  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

????? ????????? are your complete marketing partner. 

We advise, inspire and ??????? results to clients who want to grow their business through both on and offline marketing avenues. 

As a client of Sharp Instincts, you will experience the advantage of ongoing and transparent communication, and the security of knowing that all of your marketing needs are being managed by the most knowledgeable, ???????? and results driven team around. 

The way we operate is ??????, in that our services extend across the entire marketing spectrum. 

From offline DM’s and media exposure, to App building, e-commerce and social media, we are your end-to-end marketing masters committed to generating ???? ????? for your business.

Top Clients - Heritage, Keble’s Trading


Company Size - 2-10 employees

Location - Chadstone , Victoria

Founded - 2016

Specialities - Strategic Marketing, ROI, Conversion Tracking, Transparency, Search Engine Marketing Melbourne, Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne, Social Media Management Melbourne, Web Design & Development Melbourne, SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, App Development Service Melbourne, SEO Company Melbourne, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing Agency, eCommerce Development, and Local SEO Services Agency

Website -

ENGINESCOUT  #13  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

If you’re looking for an Australian eCommerce marketing partner to cut through the noise, we can help you:

Increase targeted traffic

Improve brand visibility

Reduce cart abandonment

Raise Average Order Values 

Enhance shopping experience 

Optimise eCommerce merchandising 

And most importantly: Scale while protecting your bottom line.

Top Clients - Youth Lab,MachShip,Just Paint By Number,Plantation Paper,Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations,THE CELLO KING.

Services - SEO,Content, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, WebDesign,CRO.

Company Size - 2-10 employees

Location - Hawthorn East, Victoria

Founded - 2018

Specialities - SEO, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, ecommerce, ecommerce merchandising, and ecommerce marketing

Website -

LOCALIQ  #14  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

LocaliQ was the first global company created specifically to help businesses solve the unique challenges of their online marketing. We’ve spent more than a decade, in four regions across the globe: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America, building and delivering digital marketing technology. Our focus is exclusively on gathering powerful insights, analysing over a million campaigns, and developing experts who collaborate with you to get the results you want – more customers.

We offer a total digital marketing system for businesses, comprised of Search Advertising, SEO, Live Chat, Display Advertising, Retargeting and Social Media solutions. All our solutions help businesses seamlessly convert leads into customers and gain a deeper understanding of their online marketing ROI. 

Through our global technology platform, a decade’s worth of marketing insights, and our team of digital marketing experts, we help local businesses get more out of their marketing. 

Why work for us? We’re a fast paced, innovative company that believes in working hard but having fun while we do it. There is plenty of room to advance your digital marketing career in a cool, driven and upbeat environment here at LocaliQ.

Top Clients - Phil Gilbert Motor Group,Stephen Browne Lawyers,Rescon Builders,Harrington & co,Poolwerx,Queensland Sheet Metal,New Hair Clinic,Sydney Animal Hospitals,AIO.

Services - Search Ads,Search Engine Optimisation,Social Ads,Cross Media Optimisation,Websites & Landing Page,Chat, Marketing Dashboard,Listings.

Company Size - 51-200 employees

Location - North Sydney, NSW

Founded - 2007

Specialities - SEM - Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Re-targeting, Web Marketing, SEO, Social Media Services, Online marketing, Digital Marketing, YouTube Advertising, Websites, Shopping Ads, Social Ads, Live Chat, Lead Engagement, Listings Management, Lead Nurturing, ECommerce, and Digital Advertising

Website -

SOCIALGARDEN #15 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Australia’s #1 Performance Marketing & Digital Transformation Agency. ??

At Social Garden we cultivate growth. We work with enterprise clients in the B2C and B2B space to create full funnel, high-performance, customer acquisition programs and deliver digital transformation services implementing Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management. 

Focused on full funnel digital marketing strategy & solutions we look to improve marketing performance and sales efficiency.

Top Clients - Purple Cow,ACS,Builders Academy Australia,Genu Training,Marque,Banyule Nillumbik Tech School,Beachwood Homes,Australian National University,Hader Institute Of Education,Frasers Property,The Hidden Sea,JG King Homes,AIM,KIRRA HQ,Melbourne Polytechnic,NEOMETRO,Porter Davis Homes.

Services - Digital Advertising, Content Marketing,Conversion, Industry Specialisation.

Company Size - 51-200 employees

Location - Abbotsford, Victoria

Founded - 2013

Specialities - Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Retargeting, CRM, Performance Marketing, and Customer Lifecycle Nuture

Website -

SYDNEY DIGITAL MARKETING  #16 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Seeking substantial growth in sales, improved lead generation, and more efficient conversions? 

Sydney Digital Marketing is the expert partner you've been searching for, boasting a proven track record in empowering businesses to reach their full potential in the digital space since 2014.

We are an Australian-based digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive suite of services, from Paid Search, Display, and Social Ads to SEO and Digital Strategy. But we're more than just a marketing agency; we're your strategic partner in growth. Our commitment is to ensure each dollar of your marketing budget works harder, driving tangible results and maximizing your return on investment.

We also specialize in creating engaging, user-focused websites that not only visually impress but also optimize conversions. Our design approach is not merely aesthetic, but strategic; we weave your brand story into every pixel to form a lasting connection with your audience.

At Sydney Digital Marketing, we take the time to truly understand your business. 

We identify your unique challenges, decode your goals, and develop a bespoke strategy that fits your business perfectly. 

Our team of Digital Marketing Specialists relentlessly maps out the most efficient pathway to your success.

Through our expertise, we enable businesses to increase visibility and reach a broader audience. We harness the power of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, alongside established search marketing tools such as Google Adwords and Display, to amplify your brand's voice and drive enquiries and calls.

Despite our substantial reputation in Sydney, we remain agile and prompt. Our ability to activate your campaigns quickly without compromising on quality sets us apart. We maintain a personal approach in our service delivery, with our team of experienced digital specialists offering direct, face-to-face interactions.

Top Clients - BMW,Catholic Healthcare,R&W,GAIA Coaching,Fat PROPHETS,AUDI,ivory Group,WEST HQ,Workarena,WorkPro,Hampton Accelerate,PMO Solutions,elevate,livehire,LiverPool City Council,MINI,Practical Design,Body Catalyst.

Services - SEM,SMM,CRM,SEO.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Sydney, NSW

Founded - 2012

Specialities - Marketing Automation, Google Analytics, Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Digital Strategy, Facebook Partner, Google Partner, lead generation, Instagram Marketing, Customer Experience, Hubspot Platinum Partner, crm, marketing agency, SEO, PPC, SEM, Google Ads, and Brand Story

Website -

MEDIABOOTH  #17 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia


A friendly team of problem solvers, creative thinkers and determined digital natives, we’re the digital marketing agency that caters to every marketing need. Media Booth provides effective Traditional and Digital Marketing strategies to ensure better lead generation and deeper brand awareness for your business. We strive to improve all aspects of your marketing efforts, as well as provide leading automation solutions to help improve your business. When you work with Media Booth, you work with more than just a leading digital marketing agency. We aim to make marketing fun for all business, and improve your processes, sales funnels and automation at the same time. Media Booth was born in 2015 and since then, has continued to build a team of experts, sourced for their ability to create the best possible branding experience for your business needs.

Branded Website/Ecommerce

Social Media Sites

Blog & News Posts / Article Writing

Broadcast Media / Online Videos

Search Engine Optimisation / Google AdWords / Online Adverts

Print Branding Collaterals / Advertorials

Email Newsletters

Digital media channels include any form of presentable communication through a digital media device. This can include:

Social Media: Facebook campaigns, twitter announcements, youtube videos and presentations, Instagram and other networks suitable for your target demographic.

Websites Internal: Branded websites, landing pages, Animated Sliders and banners, blog and news posts.

Top Clients - STG,VISTA Healthcare,Aqua Pontoons,The Leadership Sphere,Natures Farmer Sea,Surf Coast MarinePetway Petcare,Dynamic Hydro Excavations,Professional Helicopter Services.

Services - Search Engine Optimisation,Lead Generation,Website Development, Branding & Design.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Ashmore, Queensland

Founded - 2015

Specialities - Branded Website/Ecommerce, Social Media Management, Blog & News Posts / Article Writing, Broadcast Media / Online Videos / Animation, Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords Management, Online Advertising, Print Media, Advertorials, Email Newsletters, word press, web development, software, Pipedrive CRM, automation, Facebook Advertising, and TikTok Advertising Locations (2)

Website -

AMBIRE - #18 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Ambire is an independent digital marketing agency based in Millers Point, Sydney. The company was founded at the beginning of 2017 by Andrea Atzori and Cheryl Tayler. Andrea has spent nearly 20 years working between client side and various agencies, both in London and Sydney, including OMD, Atomic 212 and iProspect. Ambire was born with the idea of providing a better solution for clients that need a dedicated, proactive team of digital experts fully integrated with the marketing team.

In our long experience we have successfully managed high-performance campaigns across the whole digital spectrum, for a number of some of the most iconic brands worldwide, including PlayStation, Virgin, Etihad, Nike and more, plus several Australian brands like Kennards Self Storage, Interflora, AMP, Origin Energy and nib to name a few.

We have over 40 years of combined expertise spanning across Paid Media channels (Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Instagram Ads), Display, YouTube, Data and Analytics, reporting, dashboards, and more.

Top Clients - Chef’s Warehouse,Institchu,FlowersFor Everyone,Kennards Self Storage.

Services - Content Marketing Agency,SEO Copywriting,Technical SEO, eCOMMERCE SEO,Enterprise SEO,Local SEO Services,Digital PR,Link Building Services.

Location - NSW, Australia

Specialities - SEO For Education,SEO For Universities & Colleges,SEO For Fashion,Law Firm SEO,Financial Firm Marketing,Fashion Digital Marketing.

Website -

SHOUTDIGITAL - #19  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Full-service digital marketing, with measurable results from search to sale. Be heard with Shout! 

Digital marketing has changed. SEO is not enough.

Optimising your site for targeted search traffic is one of the most important activities you can undertake. Shout! has the runs on the board when it comes to implementing successful Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. But the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Search is just the beginning…

To be successful online, you need a coordinated online strategy that includes client acquisition, sales-funnel optimisation, and remarketing, in addition to ongoing search engine optimisation and SEM.

Shout! works alongside our clients to build their brand by acquiring more customers and increasing repeat business from existing customers.

We know the value of transparency and collaboration, working as genuine partners in our clients’ success. And we’re digital marketing experts; tap in to our experience.

Top Clients - Baby Bunting,BUNZL,CLEANAWAY,National tiles,Sodexo,Retail Express,PORSCHE,WINDSORSMITH,CENTREPOINT Alliance,Aquila,EPITOMIE Fitness,HARLEY-HEAVEN,MinterEllison,COCOBELLA,SNEAKERBOY,Haileybury.

Services - SEO Agency, Paid Search,Social Media,E-Commerce,B2B Marketing,Lead Generation,Saas Marketing.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Melbourne, Victoria

Specialities - SEO, Adwords, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Remarketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Management

Website -

DIGITAL HUB AUSTRALIA - #20  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

The team at Digital Hub Australia focuses on a common goal, ensuring our client's businesses Grow Online, Faster.

As a team, we have a history of providing cost-effective, services to different sectors for SME businesses in E-commerce, Fintech, FMCG, Travel, Finance, Legal, Real Estate, Medical, and other fast-growing areas of business.

As one of the leading digital marketing services providers for small to medium size businesses we offer solutions to all of your business's digital needs and really help awaken your brand’s online presence. 

Powered by incredible talent, we offer a personalised experience to every client, and a dedicated account manager who works closely with you to understand your needs and deliver a product that achieves your company’s goals.

Services -  Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Marketing, Website Design Development, Social Media Management, Instagram Advertising, Facebook Advertising.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - North Sydney, New South Wales

Specialities - Digital Marketing, Web Design , App development , Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing.

Website -

REFORMDIGITAL - #21 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Reform Digital is a Conversion-Centric digital marketing agency that uses data driven process to produce the best Return On Investment for our clients. Our team of expert digital strategists build custom campaigns for your business to help bring out the best in your digital marketing performance.

Top Clients - Factory Buys,Barn Light,OffRoad Industries,

Services - SEO,PPC Management,Social Advertising,Email Marketing,CRO.

Company Size - 2-10 employees

Location - Melbourne, VIC


EIGHTCLIENTS - #22 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

We’re an agency where each of our teams work with eight clients. We have learned to be fussy about who we create a social campaign for. Social media needs creative content, and you can’t be creative about something you don’t love.

Top Clients - Next Story Group,HILLS,SILK Laser Clinics,Rogerseller,Rice Paper Scissors,Indomie,Strange Love,The Good Pot Co,Starward Whisky

Services - Scroll Stopping Strategy,Content Creation,Community Management,Social Media Management,Paid Ads,Creative Agency,TIK TOK Marketing,Instagram Marketing,Facebook Marketing,Threads Marketing,UGC Agency,Social Media Consultancy,Lead Generation,AI Marketing.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - MELBOURNE, Victoria

Founded - 2015

Specialities - Social Media Management, social ads, community management, and content creation.

Website -

APEX ADS - #23 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

Apex Ad Agency is a professional, results-driven digital advertising agency based in Northern NSW, Australia and servicing clients across the globe.

We are a Full service Digital Marketing Agency based in Kingscliff, Northern NSW.

A boutique agency only 20 minutes from the Gold Coast. We work with B2B and B2C clients in person, via phone and across the digital space to make sure that you understand what we are doing and how we are going to achieve your goals. Totally transparent.

We understand talking digital marketing can be daunting for some so we encourage you to ask questions every step of the way. You can be involved in the journey as little or as much as you want. With a customized, personable service you’ll find our team smart and experienced. We are full of creatives, specialists and strategists always looking to deliver on a positive experience in digital marketing.

Top Clients - All Things Golden,Bali Body,The Scarf Company,Panel Tools Online,Love Your Health,Jamie’s Italian,Environmenstrual.

Services - Search Engine Optimisation,Google Ad Management,Meta Ads,Email Marketing,Social Media Management.

Company Size -  2-10 employee

Location - Kingscliff, New South Wales

Founded - 2017

Specialities - Digital Media Buying, Digital Analytics, Advanced PPC Investment Strategies, digital marketing, SEO, Email Automations, and Email

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THE BRAND ARCHITECT - #24 Facebook Ads Agency in Australia


A team of corporate escapees, we’ve owned a business (or four) of our own. We blend big business marketing experience with small business agility. And because we’ve worked client-side building brands end-to-end, we can tell our p&l’s from our balance sheets.

Grounded in the values of simplicity and service, it is our fundamental belief that marketing is a conversation with people who you can help. We work alongside business owners to create a roadmap for steady growth, fuelled by genuine connection with your ideal customer and an authentic point of difference vs. Your competition.

Top Clients - Australian Academy Cinemagraphic Makeup,Opia,Clean HQ,Home Lab,embalm skincare.

Services - Strategy,Facebook Ads,Google Ads+Shopping,SEO,Social Media,Email Strategy Specialists,Websites,Brand Design,Coaching+Mentoring.

Location - Balmain,NSW,Australia, New South Wales.

Specialities - Marketing for small businesses with big ambitions.

Strategy,Facebook Ads,Google Ads,Copy.

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LOCALDIGITAL - #25  Facebook Ads Agency in Australia

If you are struggling to generate leads & sales online or finding your efforts are seemingly less and less effective, it's time to meet your new growth department - a team of digital strategists & conversion specialists dedicated to growing your business online.

Top Clients - Caesarstone, KONICA MINOLTA, ACTRON Air, IN SPORT, Jim’s Cleaning Group, Kadence International, PENTAIR, Signarama, PEARSONS FLORIST, C&A SURVEYORS, The Lucy Rose Clinic, FEATHERDALE WILDLIFE PARK.

Services - SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing.

Company Size - 11-50 employees

Location - Parramatta, NSW

Founded - 2015

Specialities -SEO, AdWords, PPC, CRO, Web Design, and Digital Marketing

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