Top 15 Google Ads Agencies in Brazil

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Hiring the right Google ads agency might be hectic for you in this highly competitive industry.

We have sorted out that problem for you by selecting the best Google Ads agency that provides a great ROI.

Note: The following lists of Google ads agencies are in no particular order.

Intent Cliq - #1  Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Intent Cliq is a strategic Google Ads & PPC Agency offering a full suite of PPC services tailored to your business needs.

Passionate professionals simplify complex PPC marketing challenges using our diverse expertise in PPC.

Experienced Google Ads Specialists

Intent Cliq experts run strategic PPC campaigns that promises to make you profitable.

Conversion Focused Agency

All about leads and ROI, not just impressions and clicks. Conversion matters the most to us, just like your success

Modern Google Ads Management and Optimization

Google Ads Management is never set-and-forget. We at Intent Cliq integrate human approach to oversee every campaign.

Service Focus : Paid Search, Display & Remarketing, Meta Ads, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Landing Page Design.

Website -

Contact Mail -

Case Studies - Google Ads Case Studies

Doomel - #2  Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Digital Marketing Agency, Social Influencer Marketing, Innovative Websites, Digital Media Ads, Integrated CRM Systems and AI Robots for Customer Service.

We don't only develop websites, but a complete solution for your business.

We are a digital marketing agency that creates: Integrated, creative, modern solutions with features on all types of devices, integration with all your sales channels to reach your potential customers and leave an excellent impression of your company.

Services-Google,SEO,Face Ads,Chatbots,Web Design.

Company Size-2-10 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-seo, Apps, Web Design, Marketing Digital, facebook ads, and Social Influencer Marketing.


Boa Imagem -  #3 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Founded in 2009, Boa Imagem is a Brasilia agency that uses the Full Service Agency approach, which means it is a complete advertising agency and can handle all aspects of marketing, advertising and advertising. This includes strategic planning, production, creativity and innovation, as well as marketing consultancy services and business modeling with the marketing-focused Business Plan.

In addition to 360° strategies for strategic planning, technology and data analysis are part of the performance tools for our clients, the difference is that, using investments effectively in advertising, the Boa Imagem agency acts on the needs of your business to that good communication is the main driver for generating sales. Read the full review at

TopClients- IBL,Inframerica,omeleteria,TOYOTA,Coca Cola,Fujioka,VISA,Brookfield.

Services-SEO Optimization,WeBsite Creation,Content Marketing,Social Media,Marketing Automation,Personal Marketing,Media Planning,Market Research,Market Strategies.

Company Size-11-50 employees

Location-Brasilia, Federal District


Specialities-Design and Illustrations, 3D Projects and Animations, Media Projects, Marketing Consulting, Videos and TV, Events and Publicity, Advertising, Publicity, Communication, Advisory, and Consulting.


Mardini Agência Digital -  #4 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Think big, start fast and turn information into business.

Marketing Agency focused on Digital and specialized in Small Businesses.

Founded in 2011 and located in the South Zone of São Paulo.


Services-Websites,Landing Pages,Virtual Stores,Google Ads,Linkedin Ads,Facebook Ads,Instagram Ads,Youtube Ads,Social Media Management,Email Marketing,Content Marketing,Conversion Optimization.

Company Size-11-50 employees

Location-São Paulo, São Paulo


Specialities-Digital Marketing, Website Creation, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, E-mail Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Inbound Marketing, SEM, Hubspot, RD Station, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, E-mail Marketing, and Sales Funnel.


Sherlock Communications - #5 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Sherlock Communications is an award-winning Brazilian and Latin American PR and digital marketing agency. Headquartered in São Paulo, the company also has bureaus in Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago, Panama City, Guatemala City and San José. 

With a totally bi-lingual, multidisciplinary team, Sherlock Communications is specialised in supporting international technology, healthcare, fintech, services, entertainment, education, lifestyle and travel companies operating in Latin America. 

The agency has won more than 22 international awards in the last year, including the Best Agency LATAM and Best Campaign in LATAM at the PRWeek Global Awards, Global SABRE Awards and was named as the most creative agency in Latin America and in the top five most creative agencies in the world by the PRovoke Creative Index for the last two years consecutively. 


Services-Media Relations,Influencer Marketing,Consultancy & Strategic Planning,Content Marketing,Social Media,Message Development,Search Ads Services,Reputation And Crisis Management,Event Design And Support,Web Analytics,Production Services,Technical SEO,SEO For e-commerce,App Store Optimization.

Company Size-51-200 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-Marketing Communications, Search Engine Optimization, Production Services, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Blockchain PR, Public Relations, Events, Crisis Management, Influencer Marketing, Message Development, Buzz and Media Monitoring, Content Marketing, Latin American Outreach, and Web Analytics.


Agência W360-  #6 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Welcome to W360 Agency, we are a digital marketing agency that since 2012 has been helping small and medium-sized companies sell their products online.

We are located in São Paulo and our main objective is for our team to be an extension of yours, ensuring that your company does not need several marketing professionals on its staff.

Using a mix of one-off and recurring services, we are able to help companies at different stages of maturity.

Request a free consultation and discover why we are the ideal partner to take care of your company’s or e-commerce’s marketing.


Services-SEO Consulting,Paid Traffic Management,E-mail Marketing Management,Landing Page Creation,Google My BusinessManagement,WhatsApp Consulting,Social Media Management,VPS Website Hosting,E-commerce Creation.

Company Size-2-10 employees

Location-São Paulo, São Paulo


Specialities-E-commerce Creation,Landing Page Creation,Whatsapp Consulting,Social Media Management,VPS Website Hosting,E-commerce Creation.


Webcompany Agência Digital-  #7 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

We are essentially a digital agency. Through years of innovation and exploration of digital media - learning, unlearning and relearning - we have stuck to what we find most important:

purpose, transparency and relationships.

Over the last few years, we have developed without compromising the ideals that led us to start in 1999, when two brothers saw the potential of the web as a communication channel and decided to invest everything in it.

This is how Webcompany was born, a flexible, fast agency with great ideas.

TopClients-maxbio,,AGROFITO,ADO Transportadora,Kenlo,AMORE.

Services-Inbound Marketing,SEO Consulting,Google Ads/Facebook Ads,Content Marketing,Social Media,Website Creation,Virtual Stores.

Company Size-11-50 employees

Location-Campinas, São Paulo


Specialities-google ads, facebook ads, social networks, content marketing, seo, inbound marketing, websites, chatbots, email marketing, analytics, bi, landing pages, rd station, instagram ads, performance, conversion, and lead generation


GhFly- #8 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

GhFly is one of the leading independent digital agencies in Brazil with focus on performance.

We work to provide above average results for our clients, because more than just looking at sales, we look at profitability. We developed our own way of working, with internal performance indicators, real time dashboards and weekly goals.


Services-Data,Media & Tech,CRM & Marketing Automation,Content & Creative,Consulting.

Company Size-51-200 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-Marketing Digital, Performance Media, SEM - Search Engine Marketing, Publicidade Online, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, e-Branding, E-commerce Performance, Consultoria, Business Inteligence, E-mail Marketing, marketing, branding, mídia, and conteúdo digital.


VOX DIGITAL -  #9 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Vox Digital is a company specializing in website creation in São Paulo since 2001 . However, in addition to creating and developing personalized websites, it has become a digital marketing agency focused on generating relationships, engagement and results for companies, brands, products and services. We have a multitude of websites published during this period and clients who have effectively achieved surprising results in the digital environment . Here on our website you can check out Vox's most recent projects, as well as a multitude of news from the digital marketing market.

TopClients-ATILUX,ITHLUX,Curative,DCL Solutions,Elis Energia,MAGNET.

Services-Website Creation,E-commerce,Advertise on Google,Digital marketing,Visual identity.

Location-São Paulo



GINGA - #10 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

We believe the roll of an agency is to be an extension of the marketing department of their clients. Our core is not to make or buy digital ads, but to help marketeers to change their business to go digital. 

At Ginga we work closer with all our client's to provide solutions like creativity, strategy and intelligence, branded content, media and data. We help enterprises to thrive in the digital era by building strong brands and business. 

TopClients-mercado livre,Petz,CAMPARI,friboi.

Services-Creativeshop,Strategy,Media,Data and Performance, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Social Media/ Content management, Media Strategy, High end technology development

Company Size-51-200 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-Digital advertising, Design/ Concept/ 3D Modeling/ Motion Graphics, Tech development, Strategic thinking, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Social Media/ Content management, Media Strategy, High end technology development, Campaigns, Branded Content, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Analytics, User Experience, Product Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Technologies, Service Design, Innovation, Research, and Digital Retail.


Agência Ópera- #11 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Agência Ópera specializes in Digital Marketing and Advertising (Online and Offline), operating since 2006 in the Recife, Pernambuco market. We offer the best solutions in Digital Marketing, Advertising and Advertising to expand our clients' businesses in a sustainable and continuous way.

We are a Full Service Agency, working with integrated communication, with the aim of strengthening companies' image, increasing visitor traffic to websites, gaining new customers, improving relationships with potential audiences and optimizing results for your brand.

With experienced and highly qualified professionals, we share ideas and serve as the marketing and sales department for the clients served by Agência Ópera. With clarity and transparency, we provide analytical data on digital marketing and advertising actions carried out, in addition to all the necessary consultancy for companies that need to increase their digital presence and boost sales of their products and services.


Services-Website Creation,Google Ads,Social Media Management,SEO|Website Optimization,Digital Marketing Metrics,Inbound Marketing.

Company Size-11-50 employees

Location-Recife, Pernambuco


Specialities-Advertising, Digital Marketing, Digital Agency, Google AdWords, Display Ads - Google, Analytics, Facebook Ads, Website Creation, LinkedIn, and Inbound Marketing.


Twist - #12 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Since 2008, we are doing advertising and marketing With a Twist! 

?️‍? We are proud to embrace diversity at out team.

TopClients-SENNA,Surf,LATAM AIRLINES,KORIN,Saint Paul,Honda,Smoov.

Services-Differentiation &  Branding,Date,Growth & Campaigns,Brand Planning,Search Engine Marketing-SEM/SEO,Social Ads-Meta,TikTok,Linkedin.

Company Size-51-200 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-Advertising, Marketing, Communication, Campaigns, Planning, Social Media, E-learning, E-commerce, Branding, Advergames, Design, Business Presentations, Digital Marketing, Websites, SEO / SEM, Social Marketing, Video Production, Motion Design, Performance Campaigns, Digital Media, Inbound Marketing, Content Generation, UX, User Experience, Interfaces, Layouts, Graphic Design, Programmatic, Media Buying, Digital Media, Landing Pages, E-commerce, E-learning, Banners, Display Advertising, Trade Marketing, Adwords, Infographics, E-mail Marketing, Digital Presence, Social Media Monitoring, Business Intelligence, Web Analytics, Webdesign, Hotsites, and Visual Identity.


Agência We- #13 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

We is a We Group company,

the largest* 100% national communication group.

We are one of the 5 largest integrated communications agencies in Brazil. For more than 20 years,

we started our story alongside some of the main startups. An experience that

It transformed our way of thinking and advertising to this day. At We, Planning,

Creation, Content and Media are more than departments: they are analysis tools,

insights, innovation and measurement to generate business all the time. This is what we call

Startup Thinking.

Current clients: EMS Farmacêutica, BYD Cars, Shopee, Novibet, BB Seguros Cepêra and many


*According to Kantar Ibope Media


Company Size-51-200 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP



Publicis Brasil-  #14 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

Publicis Brasil, an agency named after the most valuable communications holding in the world, was elected “Agency of the Year” at Caboré 2021, the most coveted award in the advertising market.

Last year, Publicis created the “Inconvenience” campaign, which is a word that is not part of the dictionary, but is present in everything the company does. It is the spirit of falling in love with problems and going to the end to solve them. A troubled and intellectually and creatively challenged person has enormous transformative power. Inconvenience is the starting point for leading significant changes.

TopClients- Braskem, C&C, Carrefour, Disney, Grupo SEB, Hershey's, Honda, Invisalign, Medley Institucional, Nestlé, P&G, PicPay, Puig, Sanofi, Tiger, TikTok (media) and Wavin.

Services-Advertising, Digital marketing, Communication, and Brand.

Company Size-201-500 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-Advertising, Digital marketing, Communication, and Brand.


Nova-   #15 Google Ads Agency in Brazil

nova/sb is an advertising agency that serves, plans, creates and implements communication actions, but it does all this differently: it communicates in tune with people, their desires, their individual and collective needs. It is the first Brazilian agency to make People Interest Communication (CIP) its own expertise, applying it to support the marketing and institutional campaigns it carries out for its clients. nova/sb is one of the most important advertising agencies, among those with 100% national capital. With a complete service, creation, media and production structure in its offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília.

TopClients-CNN Brazil,ApexBrasil,Shopping Vila Olimpia.

Services-Advertising, Public Interest Communication, Integrated Communication, popsynergy®, Advertising, Social Media, Marketing.

Company Size-51-200 employees

Location-São Paulo, SP


Specialities-Advertising, Public Interest Communication, Integrated Communication, popsynergy®, Advertising, Social Media, Marketing, and Branded Content.