Google Ads for Solar Companies: How to Create Profitable Google Ads Campaigns for Solar Business

Do you know why search advertising is an important channel for solar business? Because A LOT of people search on the Google for solar-related keywords. Here you will see the search volume for a few keywords related to ‘solar panel installation’ on Google.

Here you can see that the keyword ‘solar panel installation’ has about 14,800 searches per month, where the price range lies between $4.23 and $16.68 per click on US location

It is just for a single keyword. And it keeps going for the list of keywords you search. So it is right to say that, for new businesses, Google Search advertising is the main driver.

Here’s also an example of one of solar search ads on Google.

solar panel installation google ads

How to do keyword research for Solar Business Search Campaign
If you are expecting your ads to show up, then you have to bid and target on specific keywords related to your solar industry. It is possible that you may encounter difficulty in identifying a keyword that is affordable enough to bid on without draining your budget.It becomes even tougher when your competitors are dominating with a higher bid at the top spot.

In order to start your campaign, the right way, you will learn the ins and outs about keyword research in this section.

Start With The Google Keyword Planner

To kick off your keyword research for your campaign, the most effective starting point is none other than Google AdWords itself. This platform provides access to Google's proprietary keyword tool, making it the ideal place to begin your research
But why should you use Google’s Adwords Keyword tool? Because the tool can help you with clear suggestions on basic topics even if you do not know much about keyword research. For example, if you haven’t done keyword research prior, you might find it difficult as where to start.

When beginning with the keyword planner, you have the option to input topics, phrases, and even URLs from your own website or others..Google will then help you in creating new keyword ideas:
Hit the “Get results” button and you will find a list of keyword ideas for your campaign:

Sample keywords List

Branded Search Terms:

Using Competitor Brand Names as Branded Search Terms can Yield Inexpensive Clicks and High Purchase Intent

Sounds crazy right when you use your competitor’s business name as a keyword for your campaign? But that might actually work. You might be wondering how? It all depends on your strategy, the services you provide and your ability to convert clients.

Competitors Example:

Assume that some of your toughest local competitors are called “Sunrun” and “tesla solar installation”.

If these are the two well-known companies, who are competitors using their name as a keyword can drive more traffic to your campaign. Moreover, as they are an established brand name, they will more likely have high search volumes.

Keyword Grouping

Use SKAG(Single Keyword Ad Groups) Formula

Though Google may recommend you to use around 15 to 20 keywords per ad group, it will always be more effective to use fewer keywords or even only one. On the other hand, single keyword ad groups (SKAG) can help you to get much rough with your campaigns, by decreasing the unused ad spend. Moreover, as most of the SaaS keywords cost very high, it is relatively profitless to bid on 20 or more keywords per ad group.

What Single Keyword Ad Groups Are?
Just like the name, Single Keyword Ad Groups are the groups which have only one keyword.

Here’s the reason:
When you pair your keywords into their own respective ad groups, you can make sure that the keywords which you’re bidding on, matches the search terms you’re exactly paying for.

As mentioned earlier, Single Keyword Ad Group is only for single keyword per ad group. But (and this is a big BUT), you’re allowed (and should) include many match types of that one precise keyword in that specific Single Keyword Ad Group.

Let’s take an example.

Adgroup Name: Solar Panel Installation
Keywords :
+solar +panel +installation
"solar panel installation"
[solar panel installation]

Sample SKAG Adcopy

Benefits Call only Ads for Solar Panel Installation Business

The primary objective of call-only ad copy is to persuade individuals to contact your business.

Call-only ads work to appear in search results just like any standard search network ad.businesses stated that the most successful way to reach a potential customer was via phone.

Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are significant, as they stop your ads from showing on searches that are not related or applicable to your business.

For example, let’s assume that someone types “solar job” into Google. Will you expect your ad to show up in their search? Definitely a big NO. To stop showing the ad, you have to simply add the word “job” as a negative keyword.
This will allow your ad to show appear in front of people who search for “solar panel installer” but not to someone who is searching related to “solar panel installer job.”

The benefit of working with a solar marketing agency like us is that we already have a long list of negative keywords that are built because we are in this industry and we have worked on several PPC campaigns. We can help you to apply these negative keywords to your campaign once we start working together.

If you are working on your own, you have to build a list of negative keywords from scratch. The problem is, you will be charged for each click the user clicks on your ads. Then it’s going to be a waste of more money in a shorter term as you keep eliminating unwanted searches in your campaign as they spring up.

3 Advanced Settings to reduce CPL For Solar AdWords Campaign

1 .Select Search Network only

2.Location option (advanced) is set to People in my targeted location

3.Bid adjustments are made for devices.

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Solar Installation Ads

After working so hard to build your Google Ads campaigns, it’s very difficult to keep customers interested in a great site. Design and user experience are an important key element. And the most important is the speed; users love fast sites. One of the biggest optimizations to your Google Ads campaign is improving vistiors experience on your site.

Here are 6 landing page optimization tips for solar installation paid ads campaign

1.Include a clickable phone number in header so people can call you easily if they’re on a mobile device.

2.Don’t include a navigation bar. Your visitors can be distracted from converting, and this is likely to happen.

  1. Include Form

4. Include Testimonials

5 .Address in footer

Solar industry is one of those industries which have highly benefited from AdWords. In case you haven’t tried your hands on AdWords for your business, then we suggest you to consider setting a campaign right now with Solar industry!