How can we run Google Ads for a SaaS software when CPCs are as high as $100, and we don’t have much of a budget?

  1. Keywords as Competitors Brand Name

For example, let's say your company is called Zendesk and your competitor is Zoho CRM.

Through this strategy, you can leverage your competitor's brand to generate low-cost advertising for your own brand.

2.Account Structure

Benefits of using SKAGS structure are
• Lower Cost per Click
• Skyrocket CTR
• Better Quality Score
• Lower Cost per Acquisition
• Better ROI

3.Separate Landing Page for Each Competitors Brand

Create a separate landing page for every “alternatives” brand keyword of your ad campaign
Separate landing pages may convert well, adding an extra boost to your ads’ performance.

4.Bid on Problem & Solution Keywords

Setup ads that provide solutions to your customer’s problems. Instead of targeting for high search volume keywords that are naturally more competitive and expensive.

5.Google Display Network with Managed Placements

The targeted way of using GDN is called “managed placements.”

6. Landing Page Message Match

"If your ad copy doesn't match the message on your landing page, you're disrespecting the click"

The expectations set by the ad is what drives viewers to click, so you want to follow through with providing that offer or content which was advertised. Otherwise, prospects could quickly lose trust in the credibility of your brand.
You could be wasting money on clicks, because there are higher bounce rates and lower conversions afterward.

Quality score is an estimate of quality of ads, keywords, and landing pages associated. If a user has a positive experience and continues on to take action after clicking through, you could increase this score. In turn, this may lead to lower bidding costs and better ad positions.

To sum it up, you want to consider landing page message match, because it saves you time and money


As a SaaS startup, it's natural to feel a bit anxious and apprehensive when launching your first AdWords campaigns. However, once you've grasped the fundamentals and understand how to effectively utilize Google AdWords, it can prove highly profitable for generating revenue.