Intent Cliq Strategy Helps To Unleash Your Business Potential And Skyrocket Your Sales!

Phase 1 = Understanding And Identifying Our Ideal Client Or Customer.

Before we start thinking about a sales funnel, creating offers, or setting up google ads, Facebook ads, we have to do this one thing. If we don’t get this part right, nothing else matters.

We must know our customers intimately.

When it comes to acquiring new customers, the most basic starting point is understanding who they are.

Many businesses fall into the trap of believing they know who their customers are. They collect general data such as their gender, age, and sometimes their location, and stop right there. That is a big mistake because knowing them intimately can make the difference between winning and losing.

For our message to stand out from the crowd and actually win customers, we must go deeper. Much deeper.

We have to understand our customer’s deepest and most primal desires. We have to understand their fears, hopes, wishes, and dreams.

So how do we identify and know everything about our ideal client or customers?

One of the best ways to do this is to use a strategy called “Customer Mapping”.

Another way we can do this is by using a wonderful tool called Answerthepublic . It is an absolute gold mine of data for modern marketers.

Answer The Public

You can also find your potential audience’s pain points through platforms like Quora.

financial planning

Phase 2 = Creating An Absolute Value Bomb To Attract Our Ideal Customers.

We Build our marketing strategy based on the simple premise of “Giving before asking”.

Value-Based Marketing is about offering value to your customers without asking for a sale in return.

Generally, the value we are providing our customers is extremely useful information called HVCO {High-value Content offering} in many forms, such as cheat sheets, Email courses, Swipe files, case studies, How-to guides, Tool kits, Webinars, Industry statistics, Free consultation and a lot more

There are three rules to create an effective HVCO.

Rule no 1: Creating an attention-grabbing headline.

Rule no 2: Make sure every point touches a burning issue

Rule no 3: Keeping it simple

Strategies to come up with attention-grabbing headlines.

Using words like exposed, revealed, confession, horror, and secret that trigger emotions in our prospects’ minds are one of the most effective ways to craft a fantastic headline.

Let’s compare a Mediocre headline with an amazing attention-grabbing headline that practically forces our customers to read it.

Headline 1 = Things you should know about Financial Planning

Headline 2= 7 Alarming Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Financial Planner (#3 Alone could save you $10,000)

Which headline is more interesting and which one would convince you to hand over your contact details in exchange for that info?

I have written a detailed blog on the importance of headlines and Amazing evergreen formulas to create attention-grabbing headlines that will force our target customers to read them.


Phase 3 = Capturing Leads And Getting Contact Details

In this phase, we will be creating a killer opt-in page with a headline that will grab our reader’s attention and a Sub-headline that tells them what they are getting.

It will also contain a visual representation of what they are getting. ' “Show, don’t tell “principle in action.

intent cliq

Our Intent Cliq home page has attention-grabbing headlines with proper CTA (Call To Action) with minimal design language.
A basic form for our customers to enter their name and email address to access the HVCO we are offering. Simplicity is the key when it comes to collecting contact information from our customers.

How to create a killer opt-in page deserves its own blog. So, I will be writing a separate and detailed blog on the topic soon.

Phase 4= The Godfather Strategy

We will be crafting our offer that customers simply can’t refuse using the Godfather strategy.

Godfather strategy is the most powerful, most effective, and most profitable profit-generating strategy ever discovered. I’m not exaggerating at all. You will realize it when you see it in action.

An offer should consist of two things.

What our prospects want when they interact with our marketing

what they have to do to get it.

In order to create an irresistible offer, we have to first learn the difference between features and benefits. This part of crucial as it makes or breaks our offer.

Marketing I-pods’ 1GB of storage is just marketing its feature.

Marketing it as you can have 1000s of songs on the palm of your hand is obviously marketing the benefit. Generally, people only care about how our product can benefit them. When writing our marketing message, it is essential to use a blend of both features and benefits.

Let’s explore the seven parts of our Godfather offer. I will explain each briefly in my blog soon.

  • Rationale
  • Build value
  • Pricing
  • Payment options
  • Premiums
  • Power Guarantee
  • Scarcity

After crafting our offer using the godfather strategy, we now have to anticipate what sort of objections our ideal customers might have.

Regardless of the product we sell, our customers will always have some objections or skepticism towards the product. Anticipating and clearing their doubts in our offer is an easy and effective way to overcome all the skepticism of our customers.

Power guarantee is the most crucial part of our irresistible offer.

I will be writing a separate in-depth blog on how to craft an irresistible power guarantee.

Phase 5 = Traffic

traffic source

Traffic is the bloodline of any online business.

At this point, It has become essential for us to know about the awareness stages of our customers so that we can better refine our marketing approach

I will be writing an in-depth blog explaining the 5 stages of awareness.

I will also be writing blogs on different traffic channels and which one might be the best for each and every type of business and goal.

Phase 6 = The Magic Lantern Technique

The magic lantern technique is essentially helping our prospects to get them to one step closer to where they want to be.

While everyone else is just screaming, ‘Buy, buy, buy!’ We are building goodwill by showing people we can help them…. by actually helping them.

This topic will need a set of blogs and articles.

Phase 7= Sales Conversion

Now, to summarize, we have already gained qualified prospects and built enormous trust by actually helping them to get one step closer to their desired result. Finally, it is time to Close the sale.
here are the 7 conversion triggers which helped many businesses to sell more!

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment
  3. Authority
  4. Social proof
  5. Scarcity
  6. Liking
  7. Fear

Phase 8 = Automating and multiplying profits

So far, we have built a time-tested money-making system. Now it is time to automate it and make money while we are sleeping.

Lots of blogs have to be written on this topic to improve its depth.

To wrap it all up, our 8 Phase intent Cliq strategy will help almost any business make money while they are sleeping by

Identifying and knowing the ideal customers intimately

Creating HVCOs to build trust and authority

Crafting a Godfather offer the customers simply can’t refuse

Getting Hyper-qualified leads from amazing traffic sources on the internet

Using The magic lantern technique to make the customers raving fans

Finally, after we provided them enormous value for free, the customers will be thinking, damn, if this brand’s free content is this valuable, god knows how valuable their paid product will be. Now we have made the customers from being skeptical and doubtful to, Just shut up and take my money, I am your fan-level enthusiastic state. That is how we create Raving fans who will keep buying our products for years and even recommend our products to their friends and family, which is the ultimate dream of any business or product.

Now it is time we automate this proven money-minting machine and earn money while we are sleeping.

We at Intent Cliq help businesses get as many clients, customers, and sales as they can possibly handle using our Proven, time-tested, 8-phase strategy that I have outlined in this blog.