PPC Landing Page Best Practices

Landing pages that work best for Paid ads campaigns

If you are looking to increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns, then here are the best examples of landing pages which we will further discuss in detail

Your PPC Landing Page must be relevant to the Keywords You Are Bidding 

If you are targeting users who are looking for ‘CRM Software for Small Business', avoid sending them to a "Types of CRM Software" landing page. It may be relevant and will have a call-to-action but, it is not exactly what the users is looking for when they decided to click your ad.

Let's have a look at the landing page of Zoho when we search for ‘CRM Software for small business’.

Search Ad

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Landing Page

Write a compelling Headline where the users do nothing but Convert

The headline will be the first thing the visitor will see as they land on your page. As you create your headline ensure that you include a keyword theme that ties straight back to the ads you have written. Usually, you will not be able to find the exact keyword the user has searched within the headline. So, you have to review your keywords, group them as themes and shape your headlines around them.

Once your keyword theme is ready, think as to why a potential customer who has never heard of you wants to stay on your page, engage with your content and reach out. 

Your headline should:

  • Get straight to the point avoiding metaphors and cutting the waffle.
  • Be significant to the keyword theme you have recognized.
  • Empathize the visitor, addressing their problems with a proper solution.

Here is a great example of an effective PPC landing page headline from Zoho, which is straight to the point of providing a solution and has relevant keywords. 

Graphical user interface

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Landing Page Elements to Drive Conversions

The key elements of a landing page includes:


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Sub- Headline

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Call to Action

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Explanation of the product or service

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Benefits of the product or service

Try video 

A video that compliments the conversion path and has no distraction can help you to engage with visitors and successfully convey your message.

There is evidence to support that, the right video can help in increasing conversion rates.


Pypestream Search

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Graphical user interface, application

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A few rules when using video.

  • Include thumbnails that attract a user to click.
  • Place the main video at the top of the landing page.
  • Make sure the video is valuable and does not distract from the conversion path. 
  • Never rely solely on the video. 
  • Make sure it isn’t self-distracting by sizing properly.

Keep it minimal; using white space, contrast

Another thing which helps Zoho get a spot on is, its minimal use of design with plenty of white space and contrast. The key elements jump out of the page, which means nothing goes unnoticed as users keep scrolling the page. Zoho makes this tactic look easy with its landing page, but it is one of the best landing page designs you’ll ever come across. 

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Removing distractions

We have already seen a minimal design and focused messages but there’s still more to go for removing distractions from your landing pages. For instance, you might want to drop the header navigation from your landing pages because it encourages the users to click out of your sales funnel – not to forget, adding choice fatigue when you try to preserve a focused message.

The same applies to the footer, especially if it’s filled with links to parts of your site where you don’t expect people to visit. Or that blog feed which you have inserted at the bottom of every page – it may not be the best time to give users that option.

Each ad group must have a unique landing page.

Each ad group must have its own dedicated landing page. However, not all of us have sufficient time or resource to do this. 

So, start with one landing page per campaign. As you have the time to build a new page, add them and slowly convert your ad groups to all specifically targeted landing pages.

Best PPC Landing Page Design Examples You Need to See:

So if you're on the lookout for some best PPC landing page designs, it is good to know what goes into a great landing page. Here are a few examples.

Airbnb Search Ad

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Airbnb Landing Page

If you visit the page, the clear call-to-action at the top of the page makes it easy to convert on the spot.

Shopify search ad

Shopify Landing Page :

Shopify's trial landing page is always simple. The headline has just a few words, for example, and the page relies on simple bullets to communicate the trial's particulars and profits. There are a few fields to fill out before you getting started. All of this makes it easier to get to the point: Selling online with their tool.

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Zoho Search Ad

Landing Page of Zoho "HR Software for Small Business" 

Landing pages help the users to decide if your product or service is worth their precious time and energy. Is there a better way to straightforwardly communicate your value proposition than by confronting visitors with the same problem your platform solves?

Bottom Line

Make your landing page easy for the visitors to take the next step. You should match the expectation that have been created by your search ad. Provide the visitor what they are looking for.  If not, the visitors will bounce away and you’ll be killing the budget of your pay-per-click campaign.