Top 15 Solar Facebook Ad Examples

HomeScape by Amplus Solar #1 Solar Facebook Ad Example


Switch to Solar With HomeScape !

✅ Save on Electricity Bill Upto 90%

✅ End-to-end delivery.

✅ Net-metering & Subsidy facilitation

✅ Trained and dedicated technicians.

✅ Quick installation within four days

LV Solar & Renewable Energy #2 Solar Facebook Ad Example


If you are a Gippsland home or business owner looking to make the smart switch to solar…

Then take a look at our brand new offer.

➡️ For a limited time, we're offering a FREE 1 Year Site Check Energy Savings Guarantee.

This includes:

???? Wiring and installation check

???? Panel clean

???? Maintenance update

???? Energy audit

???? Click the button below and fill out your info on the next page...

And we’ll be in touch to book a complimentary consultation with you.

Looking forward to talking with you!

Alf Privitera


LV Solar & Renewables

OFE Solar & EV  #3 Solar Facebook Ad Example

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with our energy solutions!

✅ Solar panels

✅ Electric vehicle charging points

Energy solutions for residential, commercial and agricultural premises nationwide. ????????

Solar Energy World  #4 Solar Facebook Ad Example


When you choose us as your solar panel installation company, you’ll join the thousands of other customers who are saving up to 100% in their utility costs by switching to clean, green solar energy.

Project Solar #5 Solar Facebook Ad Example


By cutting out the commission craving salesperson, our average customer saves up to 50% off the national average and sees a yearly ROI of 18%, which means your solar system will pay for itself in just 5-15 years.

With our fastest installation speeds ever, you'll start seeing immediate savings and continued financial benefits long after.

And just in case you missed it, the Federal Tax Credit (ITC) for solar installation has increased to 30% through 2032, driving down the cost even more.

Venture Solar  #6 Solar Facebook Ad Example


Relax and enjoy your savings with Venture Solar.????

Our guarantee covers every part of your new solar panel system. Whatever you need, our local team of experts are always a call away.

SunnyMac Solar #7 Solar Facebook Ad Example


With the cost of electricity in Delaware on the rise, now is the time to take advantage of State and Federal incentives to go Solar.

Kraftwork #8 Solar Facebook Ad Example


☀️ Cut electricity bills, Go Green! ☀️

Say goodbye to high energy bills with with Kraftwork Solar:

✅ 30 year track record

✅ 20000+ homes solarised

✅ 5-Year Maintenance Promise

✅ Easy and affordable EMI plans available

???? Act now and schedule a free consultation.

SolarSquare Energy  #9 Solar Facebook Ad Example


???? Solar Square: Brighten Your Future with Hassle-Free Solar Solutions! ????

✨ Quick, Safe, Professional Installation

???? In-House Services: Consultation, Design, Installation, Maintenance

???? Easy EMI Financing

???? One-Stop Solution: 360° Solar Care Plan

Experience a seamless solar journey with Solar Square. Contact us today! ????????

VIPA Solar  #10 Solar Facebook Ad Example


????☀️ Go solar with VIPA SOLAR, the leading solar installation provider in Lucknow! We offer a wide range of top brands including Adani, Luminous, Tata, and more. ????????

Switching to solar not only helps you save money in the long run but also makes you eligible for government subsidies up to ₹108,000! ???? Don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace clean energy and cut down on your electricity bills.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can make the switch to solar and start saving! ☀️???? #GoSolar #SaveMoney #CleanEnergy #VipaNergy

Solarise Solar #11 Solar Facebook Ad Example


Southern Colorado residents! Qualify today for our $0 down solar program! ????‍♂️???? Time's ticking! ???? We will:

> Save you money on energy bills, ????

> Increase your property value, ????????

> Reduce the energy bills! ????????

Our program offers the latest in cutting-edge solar panel technology; we don't mess around.

Click "Get Quote" to get more information on how the program works.

Efforts Solar & EV  #12 Solar Facebook Ad Example


???? Looking for ways to make your business more sustainable? Switching to solar power is a great option. Efforts Solar can help you get started.

We offer a variety of solar power solutions for businesses of all sizes. Don't miss out on the benefits of solar power!

Contact us today to learn more!????

080006 28628/ +91- 7069 628 628

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Suryatej Solar India #13 Solar Facebook Ad Example


Say goodbye to hefty electricity bills with Freesun Energy's state-of-the-art Solar Power Plants

Suitable Rooftop Solar Plant Capacity for households

✅ Complete Support

✅ Trusted Expertise

✅ Unbeatable Benefit

Call Now For More Information

???? 88887 55718

???? 80079 00358

Thapson solar #14 Solar Facebook Ad Example


???? Introducing the Ultimate Solar Power Solution for Your Home! ????

Are you tired of soaring electricity bills? Do you want to embrace a greener lifestyle while enjoying substantial savings? Look no further! We proudly present our state-of-the-art Residential Solar Power Plant, designed to empower your home with clean and sustainable energy.

???? Why Choose Our 10 kW Solar Power Plant? ????

✅ Massive Savings: Slash your electricity bills by up to a staggering Rs. 94,000 annually! Imagine what you could do with that extra money in your pocket.

✅ Environmentally Friendly: Join the fight against climate change and reduce your carbon footprint with renewable energy. You'll be making a positive impact on the planet for future generations.

✅ UHBVN Empanelled Supplier: Rest easy knowing that you're working with a trusted and approved supplier by the UHBVN. Our commitment to quality and reliability is unmatched.

✅ 24/7 Energy Independence: Enjoy continuous power supply, even during grid outages, thanks to our cutting-edge solar power system with backup capabilities.

✅ Easy Installation: Our expert technicians ensure a hassle-free installation process, seamlessly integrating the solar power plant into your home without disrupting your daily life.

✅ Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the stress of regular upkeep.

✅ Customized Solutions: Our team of experts tailors each installation to your unique energy needs and home layout, maximizing efficiency and savings.

✅ Government Incentives: Take advantage of government incentives and tax benefits that make transitioning to solar power even more cost-effective.

???? Invest in Your Future, Starting Today! ????

???? Contact us now at 9254107926 | 9254107925 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how our solar power plant can transform your home.

Harness the power of the sun. Choose our solar solution and let the savings shine in! ????????????

Tata Power  #15 Solar Facebook Ad Example


Go green with Tata Power, India's No 1 solar player - committed to provide assured returns.

Hope these Top 15 Solar Facebook Ad Examples inspire ideas for your next ad creative!

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