Top 20 Google Ads Agencies in Malaysia

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Hiring the right Google ads agency might be hectic for you in this highly competitive industry.

We have sorted out that problem for you by selecting the best Google Ads agency that provides a great ROI.

Note: The following lists of Google ads agencies are in no particular order.

Intent Cliq - #1 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Intent Cliq is a strategic Google Ads & PPC Agency offering a full suite of PPC services tailored to your business needs.

Passionate professionals simplify complex PPC marketing challenges using our diverse expertise in PPC.

Experienced Google Ads Specialists

Intent Cliq experts run strategic PPC campaigns that promises to make you profitable.

Conversion Focused Agency

All about leads and ROI, not just impressions and clicks. Conversion matters the most to us, just like your success

Modern Google Ads Management and Optimization

Google Ads Management is never set-and-forget. We at Intent Cliq integrate human approach to oversee every campaign.

Service Focus : Paid Search, Display & Remarketing, Meta Ads, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Landing Page Design.

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Contact Mail -

Case Studies - BDF Google Ads Case Study

8 Common Reasons Why Google Ads Campaigns Fail

How can we run Google Ads for a SaaS software when CPCs are as high as $100, and we don’t have much of a budget?

PRIMAL - #2 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Primal is a leading digital marketing agency in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur partnering with high-performing brands to achieve accelerated results with an integrated suite of marketing services.

Top Clients - Honda,tp-link,IHG,OGAWA,UNDER ARMOUR.

Services - Google Ads,Display Advertising,Google Shopping,Facebook Advertising,CPAS Advertising,TIK TOK Advertising,Instagram Advertising.

Company Size -51-200 employees

Location -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Founded - 2015

Specialities -Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Landing Pages, Social Media Advertising, Digital Strategy, and Content Marketing.

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LOCUS-T -  #3 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Our expertise lies in assisting businesses to flourish in the online realm. With a profound understanding of the market, we have successfully guided over 7,000 SME and MNC clients into the digital landscape with:

✅Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

✅Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 

✅Web Development

Get in touch with us now to skyrocket your business through digital growth: 

As pioneers in the industry, we are trusted partner by major players like Google and Meta, being designated as a Google Premier Partner and Meta Business Partner.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service has garnered us prestigious awards, including:

? Search Marketing Agency of The Year 2016 & 2017

? Search Marketing Agency of The Year 2021 & 2022

? Lead Gen Agency of The Year 2022

Top Clients - Y&Y Grass Enterprise,Alinea Suites,Balance Chiropractic.

Services - Search Engine Optimisation,Web Development,Google Ads,Facebook Ads,Wordpress Maintenance Services,Google Business Profile(GBP).

Company Size -51-200 employees

Location -Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Founded - 2000

Specialities -Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Display Network Advertising, Google Display Network, YouTube Advertising, B2B Marketplace (, Web Development, Facebook Marketing, Premier Google Partner, Online Consultancy, Online Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Strategic Solutions, Advertising, Online Advertising, Marketing, and e-Commerce.

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WIN MAKERS MARKETING - #4 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

What Others said:



Win Makers Marketing is one of the top digital marketing agencies in all of Malaysia, constantly placing on the first page of Google when ? one searches up the category.


This reputation is well earned, considering the great care that the team at Win Makers Marketing puts into providing the best marketing services to all of their clients.


With this agency by your side, you can expect skilled designers and developers to create your website and drive more traffic into it with the help of SEO and ads.



✅Website design

✅SEO services

✅Facebook marketing

✅Google marketing


Services -Seo Services,Website Design,Google Ads(PPC),Facebook Marketing.

Company Size -2-10  employees


Founded - 2018

Specialities-Affordable Website Design,Digital marketing Tips,Facebook Marketing.

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HEROES OF DIGITAL  - #5 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Business Partner, we are a regional, tech-driven digital marketing agency that helps SMEs grow with digital marketing solutions and proprietary marketing technology. 

We developed the world's 1st pocket digital marketing specialist that generates maximum savings and best results 24/7.

Xander, our proprietary AI-powered technology, gives automated insights on changes with the biggest impacts on marketing campaigns. Our experienced digital marketing team then implements the recommendations that help clients achieve their business goals.

Our work creates jobs, revenue, and sustainability for local SMEs. We consistently beat professional benchmarks by 200-300% and save marketing costs of up to 50% for our clients. Others call this work. We call it our calling. The impact we make on our clients' lives is far-reaching and real. 

Some notable clients include Jeep, Chevrolet, SPH, NETS, NTU, Mindchamps, NTUC, Scanteak, Koufu, NUS, Neo Group, SK Jewellery, Amara Hotel, Singapore Medical Group, and many more local businesses whom we're equally proud of.

Our 10 commandments to live by:

1. Thou shalt not settle for mediocrity. Only excellence can make true Heroes.

2. Thou shalt not treat clients as clients, but instead as partners in growth.

3. Thou shalt not take orders from clients who think they know better.

4. Thou shalt not lie to clients and overpromise on expected results.

5. Thou shalt not act slowly. Speed is key in beating the competition.

6. Thou shalt not be afraid to fail, because innovation and failure are inseparable.

7. Thou shalt not focus on what cannot be measured. Data tells everything.

8. Thou shalt not focus on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions, but instead, focus on leads and sales generated.

9. Thou shalt not see each digital marketing channel as a separate tactic but as part of an integrated strategy to achieve growth.

10. Thou shalt create products that make an impact on the world.

Top Clients - NUS,SMG,ONLY,TOUCH Community Services,SOZO,Jeep,Mind Champs Pre School,NETS,PHS, HAIRSCIENCE,NEO GROUP LIMITED.

Services -Google Ads,SEO,Social Media Marketing,Website Design.

Company Size -51-200 employees

Location-Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Founded - 2015

Specialities-Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation, Machine Learning Technology, Marketing Technology, Landing Page Design, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Inbound Marketing.

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EXABYTES -  #6 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Exabytes is Southeast Asia’s leading All-in-one Business, Cloud, Digital and Ecommerce solutions provider. With a mission to GROW Digital, we grow your digitalisation journey for you.

Backed by 22 years of experience, Exabytes is founded on the principle of helping SMEs to GROW digitally to achieve broader awareness and reach out to wider sales possibilities. We power our valued customers with the latest technology and innovation, backed by 24x7x365 professional technical support, customer-first guarantee, service-oriented customer service, 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee and more, all backed by our friendly and helpful specialists who are ever-ready to assist our customers to solve their concerns, be it small or big.

As a leading Business, Cloud, Digital and Ecommerce Solutions Provider in Southeast Asia, Exabytes is the expert on cloud, marketing, digital, cybersecurity and enterprise solutions, other than the core domain and hosting to start digitising since our establishment in 2001. Today, we serve over 160,000 customers (from individuals, students, small & medium-sized businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries, managing over 3000 servers with 100,000+ websites and 1,000,000+ email accounts.


Services -SEO,Facebook Ads,Google Ads,LinkedIn Ads,Hosting,Design.

Company Size -201-500 employees

Location-Bayan Baru, Penang

Founded - 2001

Specialities-Public Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting, Web Hosting, Domain Names, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Google AdWords Consultant, Disaster Recovery Solution, Shared Hosting, Backup, SSL Certificates, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

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SEENLYST -  #7 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia, Seenlyst helps Malaysian businesses from Kuala Lumpur to Penang to Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu with their website SEO, website design and internet marketing. Founder and CEO Joseph Yap started providing SEO and web design services in 2014 under the Ecomdesign banner, but rebranded to Seenlyst to provide more concentrated services.

Seenlyst’s goal is to successfully improve website performance and traffic for companies of all sizes, whether they are listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) Main Board or they are just a Small or Medium Enterprise (SMB) getting a foothold in a competitive marketplace.


Services -SEO,Google Ads,WordPress Speed Optimization,WordPress Hosting.

Company Size -2-10 employees

Location-Shah Alam, Selangor

Founded - 2018

Specialities-SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, and Adwords.

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2STALLIONS -  #8 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

2Stallions is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with teams in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. 

In Malaysia, 2Stallions has MSC status through the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

From strategy to execution, we provide client-centric digital marketing solutions aimed at meeting your business goals. 

We can help you with:

1. Digital strategy, 

2. Performance marketing, 

3. UX/UI-centric design, 

4. Content marketing, 

5. Social media marketing, 

6. Search marketing services and

7. Search Engine Optimisation

View our complete list of services here:

Some of our success stories include:

1. 49% increase in revenue for a brand in the sound devices space

2. 180% growth in marketing qualified leads for a software company

3. 339% increase in revenue from paid channels for a leading hospitality brand

4. 80% increase in Google rankings for a preschool through SEO

You can download the case studies here:

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you with your digital marketing, feel free to contact us at +65 8843 3141 or email us at

Services -Digital Marketing,Creative Services,Web & App Development,Search Engine Optimisation,Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Marketing,Content Marketing,Lead Generation,Email Marketing,Marketing Automation.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location- Kuala Lumpur.

Founded - 2012

Specialities-Web Development, Website Revamp, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Strategy, Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Performance Marketing, and Email Marketing.

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GOFUTURISTIC-  #9 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

??? ?????????? ????? (TFG) was proudly established in 2020. We found a fundamental issue in contemporary local businesses, especially with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic severely impacting various markets and industries. Today, we have valuable clients from Malaysia and Singapore and are soon to expand our brand partners around the globe.

Jack of all trades and master of aplenty, our extensive experience has earned us accreditations which include Google Ads Premier Partner, while aspiring to be the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

TFG will continue to be a one-stop solution for businesses by providing visionary ways in professional web design services, ingenious social media marketing, unique content branding strategies, high ROI with Google SEO services, and comprehensive and attentive social media listening services.

Reach, engage and convert your customers by advertising on Facebook and Google ads services or Pay Per Click, including Google shopping ads, GDN ads, and the biggest platform of all, YouTube advertising.

If you're searching for innovative and creative digital marketing solutions, reach out to The Futuristic Group today.

??? ?????

As a ‘Futurist’, we aim to assist all SMEs to have a greater online presence and exposure to the current ever-evolving digital world. Additionally, we will provide a series of relevant IT Support as well as Web and System Developments for your needs. Our primary goal is to help steer our clients towards valuable and effective digital marketing solutions.

??? ??????

Championing the growth of businesses through advanced digital marketing transformation and technologies; being the best online marketing agency in Malaysia.​

??? ???????

- TFG makes a rapid digital transformation for all SMEs in Malaysia.

- TFG delivers transformative digital consistently and effectively with a tangible impact while ensuring exceptional returns for continued growth.

Services -Search Engine Optimisation,Web Design & Development,Google Ads,Facebook Ads,Social Media,Content Marketing,Social Listening.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location-Kuala Lumpur , Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Founded - 2020


Website -

ONE SEARCH PRO- #10 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Engineered by experienced, skillful and creative crew members, One Search Pro battleship set off with the mission to help every business owners cruising towards their goals, and ultimately the results Neverland.

One Search Pro is offering social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website development to you, who like to explore the infinite potential in the digital marketing universe.

Hmm...a little bit dramatic?

We know you have plenty of ideas too, come on board with us and unleash the imagination together. “Message us” now to join the online revolution and start pixelating the world.

Top Clients - Bardox,Unifi,time,maxis,chiefway,OCR Property,yestravel,avdiscovery.

Services -Search Engine Optimisation,Social Media Marketing,Google Ads Malaysia,Creative Services,Video Production,Website Design.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location-Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Founded - 2019

Specialities-SEO,Google Ads Malaysia,Creative Services,Video Production,Website Design.

Website -

VEECOTECH- #11 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

VeecoTech is a leading software development company based in Malaysia and Singapore

Founded in 2011, VeecoTech provides full-cycles and custom software development services to our clients with proven expertise in customized solutions in ERP and Asset Management, Logistic, Insurance, Property, CRM and Loyalty, Telecommunication, Security, Banking, Healthcare, and IoT industries.

We help forward-thinking enterprises, startups and government organizations across a range of industries to solve problems that matter by building custom mobile apps, software and digital products.

For more information, visit

Services -Software,Web design,Branding,Online Marketing,Ecommerce,

Company Size -51-200 employees

Location-Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Founded - 2011

Specialities-Mobile Development, Custom Software Development, Web Development, Software Outsourcing, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, IoT, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Hybrid Application Development.

Website -

WE ARE PLUTO- #12 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

We are digital agency that's been around since 2011. We specialised in digital transformation, user experience design, digital marketing and AI solutions.

Top Clients - Carra Hills,BREZZA HILL,Self Study,GoGold,twentyfive.7,Discovery Park.

Services -HealthCare Digital Marketing,Web Design & Development,Google Ads,Facebook Ads,Google SEO,Social Media Management.  

Company Size -2-10 employees

Location-Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Founded - 2010

Specialities-Digital, Mobile App, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Website, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

Website -

3THIRDS-  #13 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Digital OOH Media Owner of the KL Sentral LED AdPanels (Advertising Panels).

The primary activity of 3thirds Inc is the development and commercialization of the 3thirds AdPanel platform. This is a platform targeted and developing and commercializing Digital Signage end points. 3thirds Inc’s role in this is the development of the entire system as well as to provide the necessary operational support systems to achieve maximized profits to its customers. 

The first live site in the 3thirds portfolio are the KL Sentral AdPanels situated in Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur.

Top Clients - Rozel,St. Marian’s Scholars Sdn Bhd,UTM SPACE.

Services -Google Ads,Google Search Ads,YouTube Ads,Google Business Profile.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location-Subang Jaya, Selangor

Founded - 2006

Specialities-Digital Out Of Home, Outdoor Advertising, LED Screens, Digital Signage, Kiosks, Google Ads, Google Search Campaigns, Google My Business, YouTube , YouTube Campaigns, Remarketing, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Design and Build, Signages, POSM, Stickers, Google Discovery Campaigns, and Lighting.

Website -

ZOEWEBS- #14 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Zoewebs Sdn Bhd 1123078-M (201401046890) is a web design and marketing company found year 2007. We located at Prai Penang.

Our objective is to help our customer get return from the website they invest with us.

Our service include website design, application, website maintenance, online marketing and so on.


Services -Website Design-Ecommerce Website,Landing Page,Domain Name & Web Hosting,SSL Certificate,Graphic Design,Website Maintenance.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location-Perai, Pulau Pinang


Specialities-web design, online marketing, domain hosting, graphic design, web application, e-commerce solution, and Google ads.

Website -

NEXUS MEDIA WORKS- #15 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Connecting Business Through Search”

Founded in 2005, Nexus Mediaworks International is the first local SEO company in Malaysia, and a leading digital marketing company in the country, with offices in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. 

Nexus Mediaworks International is verified and certified by Google as a Google Premier Partner. With proven track record of over 13 years, specializing in Multi-platform Digital Optimization, we provide exceptional digital marketing solutions to further enhance marketing opportunities. Some of our clients include, AirAsia, Birkenstock, OCBC Bank, ANZ Bank, LG, The Gardens Mall and Dentsu. 

Services -Search Engine Optimisation,Digital Marketing Services,Social Media Management,UI/UX Development,Analytics Services.

Company Size -51-200 employees



Specialities-Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Services, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Analytics Consulting, Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Digital Marketing, Google Ads, and Instagram Advertising.

Website -

CLEVERUS-  #16 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Cleverus is a team of digital marketing experts with a range of skills that have come together to elevate the presence of businesses through excellent marketing services with no sacrifice to the quality of work. With a team that is always learning, growing, and evolving. Cleverus strives to spearhead Malaysia’s SEO industry and dominate the region with world-class standards.

Services included

•Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

•Web Design

•Integrated Digital Marketing

•Google Ads Management

•Facebook Ads Management

•Internet Removals (Online Reputation Management)


Services -SEO,WebDesign,Integrated Digital Marketing,Google Ads Management,Online Reputation.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location-Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Specialities-Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing.

Website -

WEBSERVER-  #17 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

A premier web hosting company established since 1999. Our foundation and experience in managed hosting, instant VPS and dedicated server hosting services for the past 17 years made us the provider of choice for many advertising agencies, web developers, web designers and IT solution integrator in Malaysia.

Our dedicated support team are guided by our brand values of Honest, Reliable and Responsive, works around the clock to ensure you will be attended to when need arises.

If you are looking to : 

- Managed instance service in Amazon AWS / Azure / Google Cloud 

- Disaster Recover setup in Cloud and local network 

- Reduce Spam mail deliver to your inbox every day. 

- Audit and analyze your wordpress website.

Then is for YOU!

Let us take care of your cloud and web hosting needs as we are always committed to serve you to enable you a peace of mind when using our services.

Services -WordPress,Domain,Web Hosting,Email Marketing,VPS Email Hosting,Linux Shred Hosting,Digital Marketing,SEO Services, Google Ads Services,Display Advertising.

Company Size -11-50 employees

Location-Kuala Lumpur, WP


Specialities-Mission critical application hosting services, Business Continuity Consultancy and Solutions, Disaster Recovery Consultancy and Solutions, Cloud Computing Services, Instant-VPS (Virtual Private Server), Web Application Firewall, and Managed WordPress Security.

Website -

OPTISAGE TECHNOLOGY- #18 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

We offer consultation services for Social Media Advertising, SEO, SEM, eCommerce and Web Development.

Optisage Technology Sdn Bhd (755484-A) was established in 2006 and is now a leading digital marketing agency providing consultancy and training services nationwide as well as from the ASEAN region.

We value each client as our long term partner and we aim to ensure long term sustainable growth through our digital strategy implementation. Our team consists of industry professionals with over a decade’s of digital experience in various platforms, while constantly upgrading its knowledge and technical skills to stay ahead of the latest developments.

Our services include the entire scope of development projects from initial consultancy and project management to development, maintenance and support as well as corporate and individual training.

Visit our website for more information

Top Clients -DAIMAN GROUP,AME Development,GENTING PROPERTY,COUNTRY VIEW,WB LAND,i- Tech Valley,i-park.

Services -Website Solutions,Facebook Marketing & Ads,Google Ads Services(SEM),Website SEO,Corporate Training.

Company Size -11- 50 employees

Location-Johor Bahru, Johor


Specialities-eCommerce Solutions, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, G-Suite, Google Ads, SEO, PPC, Website Development, and Digital Marketing Consultancy.

Website -

INNOVATIVE HUB- #19 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Innovative Hub Malaysia is an established enterprise in the e-commerce and digital marketing industry that offers various professional services for businesses in Malaysia. The core business of Innovative Hub Malaysia is built around digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Digital Presence Solution, Website Design & Maintenance along with being a one stop e-commerce solution provider. We also collaborate with business giants in Asia such as AliBaba, Tencent Cloud & WeChat.


Services-Search Engine Optimisation,Brand Development Services,Website Design & Development,Website Hosting & Maintenance,E-Commerce Solutions,Social Media Management Services,Blog Writing Services,Press Release Writing Services.

Company Size-11-50 employees

Location-Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Specialities-Search Engine Optimisation,Brand Development Services,Website Design & Development,Website Hosting & Maintenance,E-Commerce Solutions.


NEXIS NOVUS TECHNOLOGY- #20 Google Ads Agency in Malaysia

Dedicated tech savvies of people to help businesses to unlock their potential through digital marketing, IT (web design, SEO agency, software & app development) and event management (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Services-SEO,Google Ads,Website Design,Social Media Marketing.

Company Size-2-10 employees

Location-Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Specialities-SEO,Google Ads,Website Design,Social Media Marketing.