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Dear School Education Entrepreneurs,

Looking to generate more enrollments for your school through Google Ads?

Then this article is exactly for you

We are a specialized agency in School Google Ads, having managed $4M for a single client.

One of our simple account structure strategies can make your School Google Ads account 10x your results.

Introducing SKAG (Single Keyword Ad group Strategy)

This one strategy will:

• Lower Cost per Click
• Skyrocket CTR
• Better Quality Score
• Lower Cost per Acquisition
• Better ROI

By applying this strategy we can show your ad to the right audience.

SKAG Account Structure Example

SKAG account structure

Why do most School Google Ads campaigns fail?

  • Targeting General and non transactional keywords
  • Improper account structure
  • Insufficient usage of negative keywords leading to budget leakage

 (Ratio 1:3 => For one Broad Match positive keyword you must add at least 3 negative keywords)

We have written an article about the '8 Common Reasons Why Google Ads Campaigns Fail .' Please take a look

Intent Cliq Strategy to Make School Google Ads Campaigns Successful

  • SKAG Account Structure or Keywords Search Volume-Based Account Structure
  • We target transactional keywords.
  • We follow the 1:3 Negative Keyword rule.
  • Radius Level Targeting - We focus on people who reside in that location
  • Search Volume and Competition based Bidding Strategy

Our International School Google Ads Client Account Dashboard

School Google Ads Campaign Example

Greenvalley Kriyaalaya International School - Google Ads Campaign Case Study

How We Helped Greenvalley Kriyaalaya International School Generate 10x More Enrollments Using Google Ads

Landing Page Example

Campaigns (Screenshot)

School Google Ads Campaigns

Ad Group (Screenshot)

School Google Ads Campaign Ad Group Example

Ad Copy (Screenshot)

School Google Ads Campaign Ad Copy Example


The school client had already run Google Ads campaigns for a couple of years to attract qualified traffic and generate enrollments.They had run in-house campaigns, as well as working with a few major marketing agencies, but still had a lack of enrollment and a poor ROI.

Services Provided

  • Detailed Campaign Audit
  • Keywords & Competitors Research
  • Restructuring Paid Search Campaigns
  • Ensuring the ad group level and campaign level negative keywords are accurate.
  • Keywords Match Type Testing
  • Campaigns Segmentation & Ad Copies Testing
  • Landing Pages and Conversions Optimization.
  • Update Ad Copy to Better Align With Keywords & Landing Pages

Greenvalley Kriyaalaya School Campaign Structure

  • Brand Search Campaign
  • Search Ads - Open House Event Campaign
  • Search Ads - Pallavaram - International School ( Grade 3 to Grade 7)
  • Search Ads - Iplay (Prekg - Grade 2)

1 months after the new ads went live, we were able to increase their click-through rate to 9% and reduce their cost-per-lead 40%

This new structure, combined with new ads and match type keywords, dramatically improved the conversion rate of the overall account

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