Digital Marketing For Real Estate: 7 Proven Strategy To Sky Rocket Your Sales

Digital marketing strategy helps real estate owners to generate high-quality leads at an optimal cost compared to traditional marketing.

*most of the real estate owners in the industry are using traditional marketing to sell their property.

*How would you differentiate yourself from your competitors? 

digital marketing for real estate is one of the best strategies to set yourself apart from your competitors.

*most real estate owners downplay the role of online marketing in the real estate sector.

We at Intent Cliq help you to generate high-quality leads and boost your sales through our digital marketing strategy.


Target audience: people whom we are targeting

Importance of website: though you are getting leads from no or 99, realize the importance of having your website.

Content creation: Create content and drive more customers to your site.

SEO for real estate:  how to rank your website on SERP(search engine result page)

Social Media: How can you digitally dominate your brand through social media and stand out from your competitors

Paid Ads: The magic of paid ads for your real estate.

E-mail Marketing: Email marketing and its benefits for your Real estate.

Youtube: the power of video content and ads

Who is your target audience?

 selecting your target audience assists you in discovering their interests and hobbies so that you can produce content (text, photo, video) that attracts and helps them connect with your company. The target audience of your real estate business is determined by a few factors

#1 FACTOR: Demographics

Demographic trends might also have an impact on the housing market in terms of demand. just think about people migrating in or out of the city. This is an important factor if you are a real estate owner.

checklist of demographics

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education


The geographic location of the property has a major impact on the housing market, for instance, if your property is in Chennai, the people in Chennai are more likely to become your ideal customers.

Importance Of Website

why do real estate owners need a website?

customers tend to search the properties through google so make sure to build your website, If you don't have a website, you'll surely miss out on promising leads.

though you are getting customers from no or 99, you should realize the importance of having a website to connect with people.

real estate website

A website increases your market credibility:

Buying or selling a home is a huge choice for most individuals, and people want to find the best property in a very easy way (just online). A professional website increases your reputation significantly and increases your conversion.

A website minimizes marketing costs:

A website is an excellent marketing tool that can help you improve your brand's image.

connect with your target audience:

You can connect with your target audience by developing lasting relationships with all property buyers and sellers if you have a website. 

Content Creation

real estate content creation

Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Real Estate Business?

1. Engaging content helps you to build relationships with your target audience:

 content marketing in real estate is a little different from content marketing in other businesses since we don't want to repeat customers. Our primary objectives are to close the deal and place the buyer in a property they like, satisfy them and get a good reputation for the company.

2. Help you to generate organic leads:

Organic lead generation is an important strategy to sell your property, and content marketing may help you produce organic leads who have high potential and interest in buying your property.

By constantly posting content that assists your target audience in solving a problem or answering a question.

 it's almost as if you're casting a net and attracting them into your buyer's journey.

3. Build Trust:

If there is one thing that is certain, That is your customers must be able to trust you. And content marketing is one of the methods for establishing trust with your target audience. You'll become the go-to source for real estate information if you provide clear, dependable, and brief information when customers need it.

With creative content, you will attract loyal customers. When they're planning to buy a new property, people will think about your brand.

4. Helps with branding:

Branding is an important factor to sell your property. Content marketing may help you expand your business by connecting you with the right people. When you produce content that addresses your target audience's pain points which helps them to make a decision, 

SEO(search engine optimization) for real estate

 SEO may help your website stand out among a sea of rivals. SEO is a crucial strategy for increasing online visibility.

let's dive into SEO

#1 Start with an SEO audit

An SEO audit will assist you to decide which pages are performing well and where you can improve.

Though auditing can be time-consuming, it acts as a baseline for your progress and provides the data.

things we should consider while creating an SEO audit

Is your website ranked locally?

Do you have any organic traffic?

Do you generate leads?

are we converting those leads into customers?

#2 Optimization of search engine

Create a strategy using the audit that you prepared.

After you've addressed the issues, look for more methods to improve your overall optimization.

mainly focus on

   Keyword research and analysis

   SEO-friendly URLs

   Optimization of titles and meta descriptions

   Image optimization

#3 Include your website in google my business

A big part of local SEO focuses on google my business and keeping your profile up to date

Add photographs, videos, and other related information to keep it interesting.

This can help you rank higher in Google's local searches and enhances your chances of ranking higher.

Significance of Social Media presence for Real Estate

real estate social media ads

Social media marketing's role in business:

The Real Estate sector is being transformed by social media. It has turned into one of the most effective channels for Real Estate marketers to engage with and attract new customers while also growing your digital brand.

Depending on the channel and type of content, a real estate owner can gain a variety of benefits from social media. Let us go through the main advantages:

Increase the number of visitors to your website:

Every content you post on social media platforms will increase the chance to interact with your potential customer.

Increase Your Reach: 

Good marketing may drive your property reach to new heights. Using different marketing channels might be useful because the leads will come from multiple channels. In addition to traditional methods, real estate owner may expand their reach by combining online advertising and social media marketing.

Brand Visibility: 

Social media platforms play an important role in the development of a brand's reputation. It helps to position oneself in the market, drawing the attention of new clients.

Paid Ads strategy

google ads for real estate

*google ads:

Google has a huge market share, Nearly a billion searches are made on Google every month, and the top three results are almost certainly ads Google is used by billions of people to search for properties that they are interested in and want to buy. People look for apartments in Chennai, whether they are 2bhk or 3 BHK, for rent, etc. There are therefore a lot of potential buyers seeking a home that might match the one you sell. To reach such a large potential customer base, Google ads offer advertising services to businesses and marketers. To attract potential customers for their properties, millions of companies and real estate brokers, and agencies use Google Ads.

The advantage of using Google Ads is that

- Begin with any budget.

- targeted Reach

- Analyzes your performance

- Measures the results in real-time

*social media ads:

One of the finest ways to market your real estate company is through social media ads. You can quickly target the people based on their interests who are most likely to become your customers when you use social media advertisements for your property.

Why is it essential for your real estate business to run social media ads?

There are two options available for you on the social media platform for targeting: a specific location you want to advertise in or by radius.

detailed targeting: Using information about users' demographics, activities, or hobbies from social media might help you improve your targeting. For instance, you can utilize factors such as 

 the advertising people who previously clicked on ads

 the pages they have interacted with

 the items they are interested in

 the mobile devices they regularly use

 more to determine who sees your ads.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to engage and inform your consumers is through email marketing, which you can do with welcome emails, newsletters, promotional emails, and more.

Youtube Advertising 

YouTube is one of the best platforms for marketing your property if you run a real estate company. Upload videos to showcase your business's potential and draw in new clients. 

Many of your target audience will see your content because plenty of videos are uploaded daily.

youtube advertising with video content helps you to easily connect with your target audience 

Here are some benefits of youtube advertising

*increase reach

*highly targeted ads


*fast results

*engaging advertisement

*many ad formats

*provides better visibility on google

*repurpose content

*increased conversion rates

Final Thoughts :

hope your understood how our digital marketing strategy works for the real estate industry

If you want to scale your real estate business through digital marketing.